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As a Charismatic who could never embrace cessationism and yet at times has found himself uite frustrated with some of the teachings and the fluffy foolishness within the Charismatic world I thoroughly enjoyed this book It was VERY refreshing to readDr Storms has a high regard for the scriptures and for christian orth in a scriptures and for Christian orth In a of charismatic testimony and reformed scholarly exploration the author takes the reader through a thoughtful and Scripture based approach to the experience of the Holy Spirit for present day Christians In the telling of his own story the author reveals the way in which God opens the horizons of even the staunchest of deniers to a place where experiences previously believed to be heretical become the norm for this new Christian life The critiue of the cessationist perspective balanced with a call to Scriptural depth on the part of the charismatic leads the reader to a middle round where Spiritual ifts and the miracles of God s kingdom are expected and eagerly pursued while at the same time whole heartedly embracing the Scriptures and its faithful study as the revelation of the Gospel message At times the interplay between the two Word and Spirit is blurry and mysterious but neither is meant to be neglected Sam Storms here provides a much needed call to Christian maturity rooted in the affectionate experience of a God the uintessential Christian life His personal narrative is very maturity rooted in the affectionate experience of a God the uintessential Christian life His personal narrative is very It s nice to know there are other Calvinists who believe in the continuity of all the spiritual ifts I thoroughly enjoyed this book Especially the first half I appreciated how balanced Sam was he was always careful to ualify his statements when objections were likely Given his background he s the perfect person to write a book like this and he has not only the theological training but the experience as well I think everyone who reads this book should start with the epilogue and compare themselv. Sam Storms contends that nothing is important than the CONVERGENCE of Word and Spirit mind and affection principle and ,
Convergence Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic CalvinistTic practices Toronto Blessing etc I hope not What about Jesus Peters and John s warnings against false prophets who will be among you in the church How do we judge them If prophecy can be flawed in practice in the New Covenant era we judge them If prophecy can be flawed in practice in the New Covenant era I partially agree with then what do we have left to judge them by Character Theology If that s the case then were Paul Cain and Bob Jones false prophets I

would think so 
think so not super reat The best thing Bro Storms does is identify caricatures of both cessationists and continuationists and then encourage us not to use them It is too bad that he does that very thing in his epilogue Comparing cessationists to the rigid and unbelieving pharisees in John 9 This book offers no help to those wanting to obey the command to desire in earnest the spiritual ifts or those who already are continuationists who seek to be biblically careful and practice these The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States gifts in accordance with God s commandments for order and word saturated worship Fantastic discourse juxtaposing cessationism and continuitionism Approached biblically back filled with stories This is important because you can t shape theology with experiences and stories backfilled with scripture sola scripturaoodreads Convergence is a memoir of a Calvinist theologian who once wrote books for Cessationism yet is now one of the leading Charismatic apologists Sam Storms presents a fair assessment of both parties exposing their strengths and weaknesses He proves that one can be balanced without being neutral I left my former church because I m scripturally convinced that they have Charismatic malpractices that even Dr Storms would rebuke Having studied the Charismatic arguments I find Dr Storm s arguments so far the most compelling Although I m still leaning to the Cessationist camp Dr Storms humbled me to love my Charismatic brothers by not stereotyping them through their malpractices but rather appreciate and learn from their passion. Scripture itself how one can embrace both the centrality of the written Word and the charismatic power of the Holy Spiri.

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Es to those who doubted that the blind man was healed and then read with an open bible and an open mind This book really helped me flesh out my thoughts on the apparent discontinuity with my Theological belief in Calvinism and my experiential and theological believe in the Charismatic understanding of the present work of the Ministry ifts in the Modern Day Very very thoughtful and insightful Full disclosure I work for and with the author This book combines scholarly care and clarity with warmth and compassion for both sides of the aisle In detailing how Charismatics and Calvinists broadly named can find Convergence In The Testimony Of in the testimony of Storms ives a beautiful rendering of Scripture s theology of the heart In my beautiful rendering OF SCRIPTURE S THEOLOGY OF THE Scripture s theology of the In my chapter chapter ten he takes Edwards s rarely explored Religious Affections and puts the cookies down on the shelf by showing how there is no ultimate opposition between the so called head and so called heart What we call head and heart are in fact simply the two inseparable and deeply interconnected aspects of the heart or inner self as Scripture portrays it Our heart is made up of our understanding and our inclination We believe and we desire We think and we want There is no true affection for God that does not proceed from a right understanding of God and there is no true understanding of God that does not lead to true affection for God Instead of pitting them against each other we must understand how the latter only flows from the former and how the former must always produce the latter Good book Would agree theologically at least with Dr Storms But I would have liked to hear his take on Paul Cain and Bob Jones and their obvious lack of integrity in ministry Was Storms endorsing them as prophetically ifted men who we should model ourselves after I sure hope not Is Storms comfortable with endorsing these different movements that are characterized by bad theology fanaticism and even cul. Assion in the life of the Christian and the Church In this book he demonstrates from his own life and preeminently from. ,
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