PDF or EPUB (A Perfect Day for Bananafish) by J.D. Salinger

A Perfect Day for BananafishNe on the beach than being in her company All her materialism probably epulses him Communicating with children especially Sybil provides Seymour succour from the shellshock he has suffered during war His imagination is at its best when he tells her a story about bananafish and how they keep gobbling fish until they bloat up to stuck in doorways Seymour s bananafish could also be an allusion to the snobbish class which is a to capitalism and goes on spending sprees ending up with hoarding things they don t eally need Their greed devours them The ending which takes place in the hotel bedroom is bound to take you by surprise like it did me Muriel is sleeping on the bed He takes out an Ortgies CALIBRE 765 AUTOMATIC AIMS THE PISTOL 765 automatic aims the pistol fires a bullet But does he aerial fire to scare her Or does he shoot himself in the mirror sending shards flying all across the oom Or does he open fire on the bedroom s window pane shattering it entirely with the pieces falling five floors down This is one of J D Salinger s best short stories if not the best Read and treat yourself to some classy entertainment I emember the day I The Rise and Fall of the Biopsychosocial Model: Reconciling Art and Science in Psychiatry read this book It was hot outside and I was at achool and out teacher made usead an excerpt I ve never The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism really liked books that I was forced toead but this one eached out to me so when I got home I got on the compu. In the January 31 1948 issue of The New Yorker It was anthologized in 1949's 55 Sho. Came across this as a A Kangaroo's Life reference in The Storied Life of AJ FikryLike Mr Fikry I m also fond of short stories And Catcher in the Rye was very amusing and so decided to give it a goUnfortunately I didn t get it Alright I did enjoy that phone call conversation the beach the writing style and all believing it is leading somewhere Was itGuess you have toead deep between the lines to know where its headed or whether the title makes some senseNot for me This was the first story in Nine Stories and I m not going to continue it THE protagonist Seymour Glass has been scarred from his experiences in World War II and is suffering from psychological distress He is a total misfit in a world that seems to be guided by greed and materialism He has no Georg Buchner: Contemporary Perspectives real outlet for the complicated and bottled up emotions he carries inside him He is certainly not getting the tender loving care he needs as he has beeneleased early from the Army hospital Seymour shuns the pretentious world of adults and seeks Filosofía e inmanencia refuge in children He seems to share a much betterapport with the latter than he does with his wife Muriel who is extremely materialistic She The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life reads cheap women magazines while heeads poetry She is concerned with the latest fashion fads than with her husband s emotional and psychological problems He prefers playing the piano fads than with her husband s emotional and psychological problems He prefers playing the piano the hotel lounge and lying alo. A Perfect Day for Bananafish is a short story by J D Salinger originally published. Ter found a copy and ead itIt made me think and that s what I love about literature The main is complex and the whole thing is so sad I LOVE IT If you Murder in Gutenthal re debatingeading this trust me you should Stunning piece of writing Read this on it s own before later One of Our Thursdays Is Missing reading as part of Nine Stories which Ieviewed This short story was the opening story featured in Nine Stories but first appeared in the January 1948 issue of the New Yorker It s arguably his 1948 issue of the New Yorker It s arguably his short story and the one that bought him critical acclaim It was also the first time Salinger used the character of Seymour Glass he would go on to chronicle the Glass family siblings in later stories Using great dialog to set the scene the story opens in a hotel in Florida before moving to the beach as Salinger presents brief facts on the characters and describes a series of events but it s then over to On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski reader to try and fill in the blanks and work out whats going on Obviously for those who haven tead it I m not going to give away the main event surrounding the story and will just say that Salinger s story works as a sort of metaphor for the immediate years in American following WW2 where consumer society seems to be taking Easily one of the greatest short stories I ve ever Lassie Come-Home read When I can spend time thinking about the text than actuallyeading it I know I ve found something special. Rt Stories from The New Yorker as well as in Salinger's 1953 collection Nine Storie.