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Bandido Massacre

Peter Edwards Î 5 characters

Not at all the type of story I The Making of Matt read but was interested due to itselatively close proximity to Windsor I did like the book it is always horrifying what people will do to each other I have a better understanding of how a bike gang operates I would have gave it higher then a 3 but I had a hard time getting into it but that may have been my fault is I was in a bit of a eading slump The true story about a group of complete losers who thought they were tough when they put a patch on their backs In the end they betrayed On the morning of April "8 2006 esidents of the hamlet of Shedden Ontario woke up to "2006 esidents of the hamlet of Shedden Ontario woke up to news that the bloodied bodies of eight bikers from the Bandidos gang had been found dead on a local farm The "MASSACRE MADE HEADLINES AROUND THE WORLD AND THE SHOCKING "made headlines around the world and the shocking brought a grim light to an otherwise uiet corner of the province Six Bandidos would eventually be con. ,

Ach other for a fantasy only they seemed to think was eal and would give their lives meaning A very well written book and worthy of asking why on earth would any person think groups like this our tough and not just filled with people who are nothing than insecure losers The author does a great job of foreshadowing especially since it s obvious what s coming check the
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and yet he manages suspense along the way It certainly won t be everyone s
check the title and yet he manages some suspense along the way It certainly won t be everyone s of tea but I found the book well esearched and fascinating from. Victed of the first degree murder of their biker brothersLike other outlaw bikers Bandidos portray themselves as motorcycle enthusiasts who are systematically misunderstood and abused by the police as well as feared by the public We now "Know The Bandidos Were Anything But Simple "the Bandidos were anything but simple enthusiasts However unlike such biker gangs as the Hell's Angels who u.
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Start to finish A surprisingly good Although I already knew the details of the case this book was hard to put down Mr Edwards seems actually to have done some work on this one Daughter of Witches (Lyra, rather than justephrase newspaper articles as so many eporterauthors do He errs in some small details Steinbach not being north of Winnipeg as an example and he can t conceal his partiality to the murdered bungling buffoons as opposed to the murdering bungling buffoons but he has produced a truly engrossing book well worth the money. N sophisticated operations the Bandidos were highly disorganized prone to petty infighting and even engaged in sabotaging fellow members This Is The Story Of How The is the story of how the self destructed over one dark nightAs gripping as any crime novel The Bandido Massacre takes us inside a crumbling brotherhood bent on betrayal and self obliterationwwwthebandidomassacrec.