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A truly over the top fun way Ed becomes an xpert in Upgrade Soul everything toxact his vengeance on Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath everyone who wronged him Of course he goes a bit too far and loses himself then gets pulled back and finds himself again But it s all the shit in between that s so much fun to see Plus it all gets wrapped up with a big happy bow by a beautiful 19 year oldx princess at the ndLike I mentioned it is an incredibly unrealistic story that unfolds in the wackiest ways possible I was hearing the theme music to Mission Impossible when he was snatching off disguises doling out harmless advice about untraceable poisons and shooting a revolver like he was a sniper with a red dot sight I laughed so hard at the thought of him shooting the numbers on playing cards with such precision that he could turn one number into another Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense Dumas And yetIt was still awesome And so much fun to listen toYeah there s stuff in here that s just a product of its time and doesn t make the transition to modern day very well but on the whole it holds up so much better than a lot of the other classics you might be tempted to read Towards the nd I was giving the universal wrap it up sign to Alexandre but I m pretty sure he didn t see me because he dragged the conclusion out a lot longer than neededEven so I m giving it 5 stars for not boring the shit out of me PS I ve heard tell there s an abridged version of this story out there If audiobooks aren t your jam then that could be a viable option if you are interested in reading this but don t have the patience to deal with all the crusty bits that don t need to be there 906 Le Comte de Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre DumasThe Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by French author Alexandre Dumas p re completed in 1844 It is one of the author s most popular works along with The Three Musketeers The Count of Monte Cristo begins just before the Hundred Days period when Napoleon returned to power after his Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist exile The historical setting is a fundamentallement of the book an adventure story primarily concerned with themes of hope justice vengeance mercy and forgiveness It centers on a man who is wrongfully imprisoned scapes from jail acuires a fortune and sets about xacting revenge on those responsible for his imprisonment His plans have devastating conseuences for both the innocent and the guilty 1976 1312 847 13 2400 722 1334 1363 131 168 255 1371 1375 1377 262 1362 571 1394 108 208 1395 56 71 1395 225 1391 1388 166 168 1376 1388 1815 1848 11061399 Over 1200 pages of suffering and revenge I njoyed it I did not like it uite as much as some of the other big classics I have read but it was very good The two things that brought it down a bit for me were It felt a bit drawn out than it needed to be At a couple of points I was ready for Dumas to get to the point Some of the plot was very convoluted While this did lend itself well to the Count s intricate plotting I would occasionally get to a chapter and say Wait what A few times I tried to reorient myself with *Chapter Summaries Online But Stopped After It *summaries online but stopped after it difficult to avoid spoilers With all the negative out of the way I will say that is was definitely a great book At times it was riveting At others it was clever At Pretty Much All Times much all times was dark and seemingly hopeless The unabridged is great because it has verything as Dumas wanted it but it does reuire uite a bit of commitmentFinal judgement A must for those who want to read all the classics but probably a bit much for the causal reader you know the classic uestion if you were stranded on a deserted island which books would you want to have well TCOMC is my answer without a doubt not only would the 1000 pages which are full of the most masterfully crafted and deceptively clever plotlines known to humanity provide hours upon hours of ntertainment but it would also be a massive inspiration to search for hidden treasure i am living for a reality where i sit on my hoard of wealth plan the ultimate revenge against my nemies and wait to be rescued as if my strandedness was my decision all along because thats the kind of self confidence From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 edmond would want for me followed by the inevitable self actualisation that forgiveness patience and hope are the best ualities a person can have this story is definitely in my top five favourite books of all time butdmond dant s is the best character i have Fresh Water ever read i can think of no other character who i have connect to bonded with ormpathised for he will always have special place in my heart and on my bookshelf 3 5 stars Why did no one tell me about this book I mean seriously I was about a hundred pages in and I wanted to go find my freshman high school English teacher and inflict terrible intricate revenge on her for depriving me of a great book I figured first I could assume a new identity perhaps insinuating myself into her life I d make her trust me and put all her faith in me and then I would UTTERLY CRUSH HER MWAH HA HA HASeriously this was an awesome book I am not a big fan of the Classics really I usually get very bored very uickly with them French Daguerreotypes especially the Russians I don t know if it s the characters I can t relate to or the writing that puts me off but I try to get through them and my interest drops off abruptly Especially the Russians God save me from the RussiansBut this This was 1200 pages of concentrated awesome A grand intricate story of vengeance and I do love my revenge stories that I will definitely read again And watching V For Vendetta is a lot fun Picture this you are nineteen years old with your whole life ahead of you You ve just been offered the job of your dreams And you re about to marry the person you ve loved since childhood When suddenly And historical romance recounts the swashbuckling adventures of Edmond Dantes a dashing young sailor falsely accused of treason The story of his long imprisonment dramaticscape and carefully wrought re. So one of the nice things Goodreads has done for me is bring me some really cool friends who inspire me to flex my brain a little harder and read classics And the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo clocking in at over 1000 pages is a monster of a classic I was familiar with the Count s story from seeing an old movie or two but reading the book of course is a whole different level of From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read experiencing the tale The first part of the book filled me with dread as I waited for disaster to strike the second part made me truly feel Edmond Dantes despair as he was thrown into a dungeon in the historical Chateau d If by greedy power seeking selfish and lustful men to spend the rest of his life in sualor After 14 years Edmond soon to become the Countscapes from his island prison and things really start to get interesting as he plans and From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society executes his revenge on the four men who conspired to ruin his life Dumas writingven after 170 years and in translation is powerful and moving and the Count s complex and intricately planned revenge was awe inspiring Our buddy read group had a great time analyzing what was happening in the story and discussing various Biblical and other literary allusions Our discussion can be followed in the comments attached to our reviews but be warned that those threads are Spoiler CityBut as we started getting closer to the Doris Salcedo end of the Count s revenge and this story things started to go a little off the rails for all of us The Count clearly views himself as an avenging angel almost as a god himself on a divine mission to punish the wicked This view which the author seems to share becomes and uncomfortable as the death and destruction spread More about my problems with this book and the reasons it gets 4 stars rather than 5 which arextremely spoilerishview spoiler The Count s revenge Twelve Days of Pleasure extends itself to innocent members of the original plotters families which he justifies by wrong headedly uoting the Old Testament scripture about the punishment of Godxtending itself to the third and fourth generations of their children He finds peoples weaknesses and xploits them suggesting an untraceable poison to a mother who he knows is anxious to see her young son inherit great wealth Only when that young son is also dead does the Count begin to uestion whether he has gone too far Monte Cristo became pale at this horrible sight he felt that he had passed beyond the bounds of vengeance and that he could no longer say God is for and with meBut then amazingly and disappointingly he decides he cannot have been mistaken all of these years and that it is simply his lack of clear sight creating this doubt He does show some mercy to the last conspirator but this final act of mercy seems to be prompted by the Count s pride rather than by a realization that he was wrong in any way Another issue was that the Count s former fianc Mercedes whose only sin was to get married to someone Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye else after the Count was taken to prison is left to spend the rest of her life sorrowing and alone while the Count who s in his 40s now has a beautiful young Greek slave fall in love with him andssentially give him a new start in life and love After Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France everything he did wrong it really irked me that the Count gets to sail off into the sunset with this gorgeous young girl while Mercedes has to spend the rest of her life meditating in solitude This is pretty much always changed in the movies onexample of where Hollywood got it rightThe Count also decides to save the life of one of the conspirators daughters the young and completely innocent Valentine of one of the conspirators daughters the young and completely innocent Valentine only because Maximillien the son of a man who was loyal to the Count is in love with Valentine But then he decides for no good reason to allow Max to believe for *an ntire month that valentine was dead his *entire month that Valentine was dead His in this subplot was unjustified and beyond unmitigated and neither of these sweet people calls him on it or gets the least bit angry about being so manipulated hide spoiler The Count Of Monte Cristo is the story that teaches us an important moral lessonREVENGE IS FUNI ve said it before I ll say it again Audiobooks are the only way to go if you re not the sort of reader who likes to read all the shitty filler and crunchy dialogue that normally comes with classic booksFor those of you who think that classics are so much better than anything written in your own lifetime please don t take offense I m only talking to the peasants out there like me who prefer action movies with big xplosions to Oscar winning stories aboutwell whatever Oscar winning stories are aboutOk so I listened to the unabridged version by Blackstone AudiobooksNarrator John Lee this guy did a FABULOUS jobDuration 471757 holy fuckAnother thing to keep in mind is that this book was serialized in a newspaper This means instead of getting the Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild euivalent of a 2 hour movie you re getting theuivalent of a tv show that ran for 9 seasons or something This thing was the soap opera of its daySo yes There s shit in here that could have Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets easily been chopped outAlso if you ve seen the 2002 movie The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel Guy Pearce and young Superman Well then the actual story will come as uite a surprise to youxcept for the *Names And General Ideas Zero Things Are The Same Seriously *and general ideas zero things are the same Seriously were good but I kind of prefer the move Electromyography for Experimentalists ending if I m being uite honest Still the book had soooo much delicious scheming backstabbing and grifter style revenge than the movie didSo Yeah I guess I m tornOk the gist is that this super nice guy Edmond Dant s who hasverything going for him true love wonderful father job promotion gets set up by a few petty people who want various things he has And then the poor dude gets well and truly fucked by random bad luck and a dirty prosecutorAnyway in. A popular bestseller since its publication in 1844 The Count of Monte Christo is one of the great page turning thrillers of all time Set against the tumultuous years of the post Napoleonic ra Dumas's gr.

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Couple of jealous men decide to frame you as a Bonapartist a crime which was punished by death or life imprisonment and have you sent away to rot in an island prison I think it s fair to say you d be feeling a touch bitter about the whole ordealThis is what happens to the young Edmond Dantes when he is betrayed at first by men jealous of his career and fiancee then again by a man who sees a opportunity to benefit himself by sending Dantes to his jail cell After spending fourteen years in a gloomy dungeon Dantes finally has a chance to scape and seek revenge on those who wronged him whilst also rewarding those who stuck by him and fought to prove his innocenceI always try to read both positive and negative reviews of books so I can understand why people had a different opinion from my own and the verdict on this from negative reviews seems to fall into one of two categories 1 the book is too long or 2 they were unable to side with Dantes when he sets out with his vengeful aims Personally I agree that The Count of Monte Cristo is several novels in one and I m not surprised that it was originally published in installments That being said though the story itself is fascinating It brings in historical lements and combines them with a great set of fictional characters to make a very rich story There are parts that are sad and parts that are heartwarming and it all adds up to a great balance of the twoAs for the second problem it is my own personal taste that I love a good revenge story I know forgiveness is supposed to be a virtue blah blah and perhaps it doesn t make me a great person that I couldn t shake the hand of the one who d ruined my life Perhaps But I believe Dantes suffered than anyone in this tale ven after he had got his revenge And I always did cheer for the likes of Beatrix Kiddo So when the avenging angel struck I was right there with himI think it says something when a 1200 page novel doesn t bore me for a second and The Count of Monte Cristo never once dragged as it took me through a plot spanning many years There are several stories being told throughout and I found all of them interesting Dantes betrayal The Shawshank Redemption style time in prison where Dantes makes a close friend the historical story of Napoleon s return and Dantes search for revenge It s hard not to be Runaway Wedding enthralled by this complex world and its characters My one complaint is the direction Dantes romantic life took in thend but whatever there are over a thousand pages of awesomeness here and if you have the time to spare for this bookdoorstopperpossible murder weapon you should definitely read itBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Spoiler alertFirst make sure you find a copy that is unabridged Most Wicked Loving Lies editions in English ARE abridged but usually don t say they are Not sure if this Penguindition is it s not the one i read Readers generally think of this as a tale of revenge For me it was much deeper I m not a religious person at all but for me this is a book that makes you uestion the La heredera del mar existence of God or a god Edmond Dantes is without flaw a truly good person and his life is ruined because a othersnvy him and b he was the victim of an unfortunate coincidence Even when he scapes prison and finds a monumental treasure it is years before he finds peace I dont think he ver finds happiness The uestions it raises are why are good people so often punished by horrible tragedies when truly bad people are so often able to float through life with all the rewards that this world can bestow The other uestion Dantes spends much of his life *After Prison Seeking The People *prison seeking the people tossed into the oubliette not to get revenge but to punish them He believes he is the angel of god and that he has been freed from prison so he can do god s will by punishing these vil men But as he proceeds in his uest he begins to uestion whether any man can actually be the angel of god whether it s a sign of mania or ven insanity to think you can possibly know what is god s will In the nd vil is punished and it is because of wheels that Dantes sets in motion But I don t think he is ver able to know if he is just another man seeking to ruin other men or if he is in fact the angel of god "It s a uestion that as a journalist I try to always remember we are none of us the "s a uestion that as a journalist I try to always remember we are none of us the of god All we can do is try to live the best life we can and not decide who deserves to be punished or ven ruined Re Read on audio and still on my favorites list ALL THE FREAKING FEELSI never in a million years would have thought I would love this book I never thought I would like something like this book I never thought I would fall in love with Dantes I never thought I would have so much anger sadness despair and happiness in this book I never thought did I SOME SPOILERSEdmond Dantes was a wonderful man of 19 years old He had a woman he loved and was going to marry named Mercedes A loving father And he was going to be captain of the wonderful ship Pharaon The the jealous bastards or just bastards in general ruined life for Dantes 1 Danglars2 Fernand3 VillefortI hate these men with such a passion I just wanted someone to kill their vil selves *all of the jerks had a hand in *of the jerks had a hand in Revenge is a dish best served cold And unabridged And translated from the French by Robin BussThe greatness of this book can be illustrated by the following simple uations Whereas the majesty of the Count of Counting added to the deliciousness of a Monte Cristo sandwich from Bennigans still does not overmatch the inherent kickass value of the Dumas novel which is it can therefore be said greater than the sum of its parts both obsessive compulsive The Count and mouth wateringly fattening of Monte Cristo Similarly The coolness of Batman once introduced into the Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe euation thus ba. Venge offers up a vision of France that has become immortal As Robert Louis Stevenson declared I do not believe there is another volumextant where you can breathe the same unmingled atmosphere of roman. Le Comte de Monte Cristo