Carmine A Little More Red (EBOOK)

Animal Ecology gGranny isn t sick she s just making a nice pot of alphabet soup What could be natural than to ring a favoriterandchild and invite her over Our artistically inclined red loving protagonist hops on her bike and invite her over Our artistically inclined red loving protagonist hops on her bike her painting supplies and faithful dog and off into the woods she oes Don t dilly dally her mother reminds her but she can t resist pausing to sketch a goes Don t dilly dally her mother reminds her but she can t resist pausing to sketch a spot And then a little farther off she spies some poppies crying out to by painted While she is dawdling and doodling the wolf spots her and rushes ahead to view spoilersteal ranny s John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 groceries Well a wolf sotta feed the pups and if it involves pushing an old lady into the closet and making off with her soup stock I Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde guess that s a pretty harmless twist on the tale hide spoiler Part retelling of Little Red Riding Hood part alphabet bookpart vocabulary book100% infused with Melissa Sweet s magic Before taking the Robert F Sibert Award for Balloons over Broadway The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy s Parade Melissa Sweet created this little alphabet book her debut picture book A delightful retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Carmine is a littleirl invited to her randmother s house for some alphabet soup On the way she encounters a wolf And a number of sight words that will be fun for younger readers while at the same time helping to develop a rich vocabularySprinkled into the story and the illustrations readers will find three blind mice Little Boy Blue and some pigs looking to by some siding for a three house they have just builtThe style beloved in Balloons Over Broadway is seen here within this earlier Work Panels Carrying The Panels carrying the are embedded within the larger image on the page and little asides from Sweet add to the charm of this book A fun twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story with the added addition of an alphabet book Great vocabulary and interesting format would be reat to use with upper elementary students A contemporary take on Little a Red Riding Hood Detailed colorful illustrations Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question give kids a lot to look at and each page highlights a new vocabulary word though the words are pretty random ranging fromreen and joke to haiku and nincompoop Okay I can see a little kid enjoying that last one But I m trying to imagine a parent having to stop and explain surreal to a six year oldAnd flipping back through I just realized this is an alphabet book You d think the fact that it starts with a story about her Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism grandmother making alphabet soup would have tipped me off but I was hungry and reading while waiting for my dinner to cook and all I could think was alphabet soup sounded reallyood When was the last time I had some Could I buy some Or maybe make it There s a recipe at the end I might try it This creative take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood is set up in an ABC book format But don t be mistaken it s no baby book Melissa Sweet has chosen to highlight some wonderful words as she tells the story of Carmine dilly dallying on her way to randma s house The reader is sure to expand their vocabulary with words like exuisite indeed lurking reckoned and. And as Carmine takes off on her bicycle with Rufus that is just what she intends to do But Carmine is a dreamy painter always in search of ca. Carmine A Little More RedTh Little Red Riding Hood I love the way it presents itself as a alphabet book but is at a 3rd rade reading level when alphabet books aren t as common The story is somewhat whimsical and you can feel the exploratory personality of little Carmine One of my new favorite alphabet books that is nestled within a classic Little Red Riding Hood Readers et a special treat when they enjoy this Caldecott worthy picture book a classic wa twist that carries with it the Genre Of Being An of being an book that truly has a fun adventuresome character My daughter brought this home from library at school we ordered one for my ahem her personal library right away Summary Carmine s ranny teaches her how to read by making Alphabet soup and whenever she makes a bowl of soup Carmine is invited over for lunch however Granny informs Carmine that she heard a wolf and to look out for danger on the way through the forest to her house especially because Carmine dilly dallies Despite her Awakening Spaces: French Caribbean Popular Songs, Music, and Culture granny s warnings Carmine stopped along her bike ride on the way to Granny s to rest and paint The wolf spies on Carmine and Rufus her dog and heads over to Granny s house The wolf then pillages Granny s kitchen and steals all the bones Granny uses to make her famous soup but he does no harm to Granny Carmine then promises Granny to never dilly dally again and then she speeds home not stopping once Theme The major theme of the story is listening because had Carmine not stopped to paint when she was told to come straight to Granny s there wouldn t have been a conflict with the wolf since it wouldn t have known where Carmine wasoing After the conflict is resolved Carmine does listen and doesn t stop when Edge of Venomverse going home which leads to a stress free bike ride back Star Rating Three starsPersonal Response I liked the book but I thought it was unrealistic how Granny was simply locked in a closet unharmed and the only thing taken was the bones used to make Alphabet Soup None of the other ingredients were taken back by the wolf for its pups either which didn t make sense to me eitherMy Recommendation I would definitely recommend the book to children in pre k through first or maybe secondrade who are just learning how to read because the book highlights are particular word in the text and uses it in a sentence simple enough to word the meaning of that word can be rasped by a beginning reader There were things I liked about this Little Red Riding Hood story and things I didn t I liked the characterization of LRRH or Carmine She s an artist I liked her pet dog Rufus I liked most of the illustrations I liked the idea of having keywords for each page based on the alphabet and the alphabet soup Carmine s randmother makes Butthe keywords each page based on the alphabet and the alphabet soup Carmine s Back of the Yards: The Making of a Local Democracy grandmother makes Butthe keywords t always work Sometimes the page wouldive enough context clues so a child could figure out what the word meant sometimes not Sometimes the word was barely used And the wolf looked like a fox maybe Definitely not like a wolf Oddly Marian was completely ambivalent to the book Usually she at least tries to Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine grab it but she completely ignored it while I read it to he. St be her best yet Here is a new lively retelling of a timeless tale with enough twists and turns to keep readersuessing until the very end.

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Surreal The story opens with Carmine CLEVERLY NAMED A SHADE OF RED named a shade of red a picture in her bedroom thinking about how Granny taught her to read with alphabet soup when her mother tells her that Blue Guide granny is on the phone The next illustration shows Carmine s side of the conversation asranny invites her over for soup In a speech bubble Carmine states Uh huh I ll be careful and Huh uh I won t stop along the way Carmine s mother even "shouts to Carmine not to dilly dally when Carmine rides away on " to Carmine not to dilly dally when Carmine rides away on bicycle As the reader would probably uess Carmine does not o straight to Granny s she decides to stop and rest but realizes that the light is exuisite that morning and she decides to paint a picture While Carmine is painting her dog Rufus notices an odd scent in the air one he is certain is a wolf Carmine is so involved in the painting she is making for Granny she misses many signs that she should Birth and Fortune: The Impact of Numbers on Personal Welfare get on her way Then Rufus comes face to face with the wolf and a humorous conversation takes place Wolf finds out they are on there way to Granny s and when he makes a surprise visit Granny shouts WOLF so loudly that Carmine is able to hear from the top of the hill After entering the house and looking at the clues in the kitchen Carmine decidesranny is missing But wait She hears a distant yodeling and discovers Granny in the closet The story ends happily when Carmine is able to ive Granny the painting she painted along the way and promises never to dawdle againThis happy ending version is a nice twist to an old favorite and even includes some other popular fairytales throughout The three nice twist to an old favorite and even includes some other popular fairytales throughout The three mice and the three little pigs are cleverly referred to in this already funny book Reading the pictures is a must in this version Some text is included in speech bubbles and parts of the story will be missed if the detailed pictures are not closely examined This book could be used in many ways in a 1st 5th rade classroom The vocabulary lends itself to lessons related to context clues and the illustrations would be a Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier great match for a strategy lesson on making inferences It would also be areat mentor text for an ABC book project Carmine a Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within girl that loves red is filled with imagination and demonstrates this through her beautiful portraits she paints for herrandmother On one particular trip to her randmother s house against her mother s advice to ride straight through the forest without stopping Carmine stops to paint the beautiful landscape around her A wolf that has been heard and sighted in the area sees Carmine and her dog We are whisked by her adventure to see what happens between Carmine and the wolf As I read this book I was impressed by the vocabulary used throughout the story Written as an alphabet book you would think that the language would be less advanced than it really is The words capture every part of the story She even writes a Haiku during her trip to Granny s house She uses words like lurking exuisite mimic and surreal The illustrations are also vivid and colorful I thought this book would be perfect for young readers that are familiar wi. Pturing just the right hue in her drawings and this drawing the one she begins in a lovely forest clearing just off the path to Granny’s mu.
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