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Anna is still a spoiled brat AND TIME HER IGNORANCE DOES this time her ignorance does someone their life She still has no what she really is and neither does the ready Come on 5 books into the series and we still don t have a clue what her destiny is Oh wait the author must be following the Laurel Hamilton formula At least Anna doesn t hop into bed with everyone and feel uilty about doing

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True to though she makes an enemy of the person who should be mentoring her She continues to have poor taste in friends I can t believe I m reuesting the next book from the library Anna Strong has only been a vamp for 8 or 9 mths yet she seems to be the The Pirate Queen: Queen Elizabeth I, Her Pirate Adventurers, and the Dawn of Empire go toirl if anything weird pops up Could be because she s a Bounty Hunter or it could be because some vamps are calling her the chosen one Either way she just wants to live a normal life she really doesn t want to BE a vampireThis is book 5 and it seems that nothing really happened on the destiny front plenty happened in the extreme fighting evil way but ultimately Anna didn t have any Tracking Daddy Down growth and just spun her wheels doing things the same old stupid wayShe doesn t even know what the chosen one is And neither do we of courseLooking forward to the next book and hoping for some clarity about what isoing on the majority of this book was spent watching Anna chase her tail and arguing with Williams i think if this entire book was shortened to novella length it would have been ok we didn t really make any progress with the major story arcs like being the one she is still pretty insistent on living her life as if nothing at all has changed at this point i don t see why anyone bothers to try to tell her differently with no major arc advancements and the story being pretty sparse this was rather disappointing I like that these books are short and action packed Ms Stein knows her material well and doesn t try to make this series something it s not It s a fun series without melodrama or deep meaning and sometimes it s nice to have a uick read handy However Anna continues to be arrogant cocky and hotheaded and she s starting to annoy me I uess I m not really attached to any of the characters These books are okay but there are other. With her partner out of town her family abroad and her mentor estranged newly turned vampire Anna Strong is keeping a low profi. ,
RetributionEd nature her vampire and human sides and trying to accept her new life as a vampire which I think she starting to come around to evident in her new found relationship with another vampire who is also a super hot underwear model Lance Warren Williams San Diego s ex police chief and her ex mentor ex police chief and her ex mentor the leader of the loca I m a bit disappointed with this book Anna is a very strong character but she did some pretty stupid things The plot was decent though I liked reading of how the witches interact in this world The main thing that annoyed me was the animosity between her and Williams It ot on my nerves and I couldn t decide who I wanted to I like this series Well I must or I wouldn t keep reading them Why not four or five stars Perhaps it s my brain like a sieve but the talk about Anna being the one and not to resist her destiny made me try to remember how much this issue had been discussed before Perhaps it s because I m also reading the Vicki Petterson Zodiac series but the idea of the one seemed a mite old hat More development in Book 6 perhapsAlso there s a sex scene that isn t Laurell K Hamilton Fat gratuitous but it made me wonder if that thread has been dropped forood or if it will return later Otherwise it is Lost And Found Bride gratuitous and I m not thrilled at allAnd Williams C mon Theuy does have it is Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations gratuitous and I m not thrilled at allAnd Williams C mon Theuy does have brain I know he does I would American Kinship: A Cultural Account give this 25 stars not 3 but that s not an option lolI liked the story Anna needs to figure out why all of these new vamps are dying and she needs to help save two of her friendsBut the reason I didn tive stars is because of Anna What annoys me is that Anna never seems to change Each book she does the same stupid mistakes over and over and tends to think only about herself In this one because of her own delay at learning her abilities someone ets hurt and she herself In this one because of her own delay at learning her abilities someone ets hurt and she no idea why Well stop pretending to be human listen to other people s advice and maybe you could have saved the innocent person that shouldn t have died AgainI don t like reading books where the main character never changes I m not sure if I ll even bother with any in this series I don t want to constantly read the same story over and over with no change in the main character. Ams her former teacher and now leader of a supernatural enforcement suad asks for her help she can't But soon she'll wish she Books and series that I like I uess I can t justify spending the time on these when I can I uess I can t justify spending the time on these when I can to a series that I really love Book 5 is like a plane holding pattern I keep waiting for something To Take Off I Love The Anna take off I love the Anna series but this story falls flat I miss Avery he was evil but he was devilishly excitingThis book is about Anna still not dealing well as a vampire and still being stupid making idiotic mistakes When is this woman Animal Ecology going torow up She Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays gets involved in a case where newly vampireirls are John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 getting their blood drained Burke is killing Culebra Anna with Williams help is on the hunt to find that evil witchGlossing over the spelling errors it was aood enough read I am hoping book 6 will be much exciting I normally really like this series this book just didn t seem as Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde good as the others To me it felt like Anna was spinning her wheels She hasiven up her family and just hasn t found a new place for herself in the new world she has been dropped inMost of the book we spent watching Anna run around trying to figure out what was wrong and who exactly needed to help her I am also Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation getting tired of the whole antonistic relationshipe between her and Williams I know he wants to have her embrace her new life but she isn t ready to If he would realize that he could probablyet her to do I liked how Anna was ready to do whatever it took to save Frey and Culebra as these people are becoming her new family I also think it is Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question great that she can still be surprised the situation at Ortiz s house cracked me up Who would haveuessed that Anna has a side to her where she is a prudeI also liked Anna Sophie and Deveraux s interaction I would think that it would Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism get difficult trying to follow what wasoing on thereThere is the hint that Anna is destined for something We on thereThere is the hint that Anna is destined for something We allowed small limses that there will be big things to come I am looking forward to seeing what that will be My rating 3 12 starsI ve been an Anna Strong fan ever since I started reading these books earlier this year so when Retribution the fifth book in this series released I dropped what I was reading to read it insteadIn Retribution Anna Strong is still dealing with her two sid. Le But now young vampires are turning up dead completely drained of their life force And though Anna wants to say no when Willi.

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