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Another solid book and sci fi pic adventure I m a bit thorn about about the nd because I feel that this is where the series could have nded The setup for the next book felt a bit forced so I am a bit intrigued whether the price is worth paying This was good I m looking forward to BOOK 4 AND THE LAST IN THE SERIES DAKOTA 4 and the last in the series Dakota a small crew find and deliver to a certain well defended locale an ancient superweapon that just might stop the Emissaries from destroying much of the galaxy I found myself skipping and skimming because Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice everything here is so predictable and the characters seem to have done all their developing in previouspisodes also in their developing in previous En plein coeur episodes Also in cheating comic book tradition Gibson keeps killing Dakota off and then miraculously reviving her This volume finishes the seuence and though there s a hint of further adventures for Dakota to come I ve readnough This series has taken me four years to finish reading Don t worry I ll spare you the messy details as to whyI started this series in 2016 at point in my life where reading was my only scape I followed our main heroine Dakota Merrick across the cosmos and in the two previous novels I couldn t put them down Each novel up d the ante very time this novel was no xception to that Each novel up d the ante very time this novel was no The Art of Memoir exception to that motif and there was a budding love story between our two main charactersThe last novel of this trilogy wasn t too bad but it feels like Gibson grew jaded by this novel Much of the story drag Now this was a pleasant sur. The third novel in the Shoal space opera series featuring Dakota Merrick continuing from Stealing Light and Nova WarThe nova war has begun to spread as the Emissaries wage a fierce and reckless campaignncroaching on the area of space occupied by humanity and forcing the Shoal into a desperate retreat While Dakota goes in search of the ntity responsible for cre. PriseAfter the strong beginnings Stealing Light Gibson s Shoal Seuence story went off the rails a bit In book two his protagonist Dakota Merrick bounces from one torturebeatingimprisonment scene to the next for several chapters before the story proper continues with revelations that FTL travel also doubles as a civilisation nding weaponBy the time Nova War nds and Gibson has the story back on track the Shoal the fish like race who have a monopoly on FTl travel and a vast mpire to back their domination up are fighting a losing battle against the implacable Emissaries a relentless genocidally warlike race who will brook no negotiation This is a good setup for the next book but nova war was tainted by a but Nova War was tainted by a start that dragged on for far far too longNot so in Empire of LightIn Empire of Light Gibson gets things happening from the first chapter as Dakota and her x lover Lucas Corso aided by their wily nemy Trader in faecal matter of animals try to acuire and master a strange weapon that could destroy almost PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition every ship in the Emissary fleetShould they fail the Emissaries will steamrollvery civilised life form they discover Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography eradicating them in a shower of supernovae sterilising the galaxy with starfireAs you dxpect with a weapons and war setup like this the action is almost constant and the plot bounds along in a state of high tension our heroes never than a hair a way from disastrous defeatThe overall story is consistent than book two in the series and. Ating the Maker caches Corso left in charge of a fleet of human piloted Magi ships finds his authority crumbling in the face of assassination attempts and politically motivated sabotage If any hope xists at all it lies in an abandoned asteroid a thousand light years beyond the Consortium's borders and with Ty Whitecloud the only man alive with the skill to decip.

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Empire of Light The Shoal Seuence #3Just as large scale Ancient alien weapon systems mysterious and pically powerful alien artefacts visits to far flung worlds thousands of light years of star travel all the ingredients for a nice big space opera are hereAnd so it goes The story is Entertaining And Engaging And The Constant Threats and ngaging and the constant threats me glued to my reader in anticipation of what was coming next There s tension in this story but it is a touch formulaic There s nothing in here that will leave you feeling like your world has been rocked unless you ve never read an implacable interstellar threat only able to be stopped by a mysterious alien device story before If that s the case you re clearly new HERE WELCOME TO SCIENCE FICTION AND Welcome to Science Fiction and hope you njoy reading stories where people run around the galaxy chasing lost weapons of unfathomable power you re going to be seeing that a lotAnyway Gibson s storytelling is solid and the characters and scenarios are ngaging Other than the underlying story being a fairly standard SF trope my main bugbear with Empire of Light is the seemingly rushed nding After a journey of many chapters things suddenly speed up and the story is uickly resolved in a manner that left me a little coldAside from that flaw however this is an The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl enjoyable pacey read It isn t amazingly innovative It isn t transcending any genres It isntertaining though and I Exile and Pilgrim enjoyed it right up until the rather rapidnding35 mysterious alien artifacts of unknowable nay unthinkable power out of five. Her the messages left behind by an ancient race of star travellers Unfortunately Whitecloud is locked in a prison cell aboard a dying coreship adrift in space awaiting xecution for war crimes against Corso's own people But if humanity has any hope of survival Corso is going to have to find some way to keep him alive and that's only if Dakota doesn't kill him fir.