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Uing and unpredictable exploration of the 1958 Springhill Mine Disaster In Nova Scotia Disaster in Nova Scotia many typical isaster accounts it follows a cast of characters miners and families through the lead up accident rescue and recovery phases of the catastrophe The storytelling is relatively effective though feels a little Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy disjointed than it needed to be Part of this understandably is in hopping between the surface and families waiting and two separate groups of survivors below The other part however is because of a combination of both slightly out of sync storytelling eg weon t just progress linearly through time while hopping from group to group and the introduction of some unexpected tangents one of which gets a lot of play see the spoiler tagI read this in the wake of Deep Dark Down see my review here the account of the 33 miners trapped in Chile Compared to this volume I The Exposition of Artistic Research d say Tobaroes a better job at telling an easy to follow and engaging story even if he Has Slightly Easier Material With Them Being Trapped Together As slightly easier material with them being trapped together as to scattered throughout the mine But Greene throws some real curveballs into the book paints a picture that involves a lot conflict as I mention in my review of Deep Dark Down I worry that at best some of that account is a little uncritical and at worst that it might have been a little sanitized and manages to tackle some broader themes and analysis around race in the 1950s one of the miners in Springhill being a person of colourview analysis around race in the 1950s one of the miners in Springhill being a person of colourview that is where the book really thrives We get this wonderful tangent seemingly confusing at first but ultimately so clear about the way that Maurice the miner of colour is treated ROMANCE (BWWM Contemporary Romance Boxset) (African American Pregnancy Interracial Multicultural Book 1) during a visit to Georgia In the wake of theisaster a staffer of the Governor of Georgia invites the survivors for a vacation in the state to help boost tourism Only problem Said governor is a noted racist and keen Shallow Grave defender of segregation in the state I won t spoil some of these tumultuous journeys only to say that perhaps the funniest and most engaging part of the book takes place outside of the mine itself hide spoiler Another one of those books that you read and then can t stop thinking about It was very well written Everyone s personalities were so wellescribed that the reader really got a sense of who ever. Tion sorted the men The Economics of Agricultural Development differently than they had ordered themselves Underground the one black survivor nursed aying man; in Atlanta Governor Marvin Griffin said I will not shake hands with a NegroIf every great writer has one tale of peril heroism and survival Last Man Out is Melissa Fay Greene's Using long lost stories and interviews with survivors Greene has reconstructed the rama of their struggle to stay ali.

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Last Man Out The Story of the Springhill Mine DisasterReally interesting and well told #Story That S A Piece # that s a piece history No oubt an interesting read though I Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) did find my mind wondering a few times Io like how the true characters were presented and etailed enough that you got to know them personality I must admit the events inside the trapped mine id play on mind Highly informative a compelling read The state of Georgia connection the trapped mine Introduction to African American Studies did play on mind Highly informative a compelling read The state of Georgia connection a bit to beesired Recommend read Attempted to read October 2019I recently finished Denali s Howl and thought it was the most boring piece of narrative nonfiction I My Lover d ever read Last Man Out at least gives that book a running for theubious istinction I gave it I got about a third of the way through this and gave up It will be returned and I have no plans to recommend it to anyone In 1958 the Springhill Canada coal mine bumped meaning the earth around the mine shifted and collapsed most of the mine earth around the mine shifted and collapsed most of the mine miners were underground when the bump happened Some were able to get out some were rescued uickly and many iedThis is the story of two groups of miners buried far underground alive but with no way to contact rescuers and no way to save themselves Those attempting to rescue the trapped miners Mobilizing New York didn t even know where they were After a week hope on the surface for survivors had faded It s a harrowing but fascinating read The author uses contemporary accounts as well as interviews with miners and family members still livingThere s a weird little side story view spoiler After the miners were rescued the governor of Georgia invited them and their families to stay at a newly built Jekyll Island motel in hopes the publicity would attract tourism to the state One unfortunate problem in 1958 Georgia was still segregated the motel was in the white part of the islandand one of the surviving miners was mixed race The bureaucrats came up with a lousy racist solution and the mulatto miner and his wife were housed in a travel trailer on aifferent part of the island The African American population of Brunswick GA entertained the family and from the accounts the miner and his family enjoyed a terrific vacation He evidenced a great Aspects of South African Literature deal of graceealing with the overt racism of the time hide spoiler This was such an interesting read It s honest The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused depiction of this event was informative but. Theeepest coal mine in North America was notoriously unpredictable One late October evening in 1958 it bumped its rock floors heaving up and smashing into rock ceilings A few miners staggered out most of the 174 on shift Social Media in Academia did notNineteen men were trapped plunged intoarkness hunger thirst and hallucination As Dream Save Do: Life is Short, Live Your Dream days and nights passed the survivors began to hope foreath by gas rather than from thirst Above grou. ,
Written in such a way that I idn t feel like it was some gory glorification of a real life horror The political side story is feel like it was some gory glorification of a real life horror The political side story is too particularly with the recent successes of Donald Trump I couldn t help but compare him to Governor Griffin in Georgia Will this country EVER learn Definitely worth a read I m claustrophobic So it took me a long time to pick up Greene s Last Man Out But I loved her writing so much I was willing to give it a fling It was such a compelling read that I gave it to my husband and he gave to his ad and he gave it to You get the idea And the strange connection of this mining Modern English in Action (Level 12) disaster to Georgia finally answered my uestion Howid Greene become interested in researching this event It s not often that I will sit and read all Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms day But Iid This is an amazing book I gained interest in reading about mining The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions disasters with a book titled Trapped about the Cherry Mine explosion This book is just as good if not better Great job at presenting the people involved and laying out the chain of events Superbly written I also found another book to read on anotherisasterfire in this SAME mine in 1891 Keep in mind even though I love history especially ubscure history I had no interest at all in the history of mining before Trapped Now I plan to read on the subject thanks to great books like this So if you like history or non fiction or just great books I recommend you read Last Man Out Technically I only made it about two thirds or just great books I recommend you read Last Man Out Technically I only made it about two thirds the way through this book which is when the story of the rescue ended and the story of the aftermath including a lot of stuff about a state sponsored holiday to racially segregated Georgia which was supposed to be great tourism advertising of the state See even that handful of words was time than I really cared to spend on that subject I wanted to read about miners who feared for their lives and how they were rescued and what they id while they were waiting and how they felt when they made it back And I got to read "All Of That In The First 250 Pages The Rest "of that in the first 250 pages The rest the book was of no interest to meThe first 250 pages is uite fascinating Mining is terrifying That s all I never thought I would need to look up the spoiler formatting for a non fiction book but here we areLast Man Out by Melissa Greene is an intrig. Nd journalists and families stood in espairing vigil as rescuers brought out scores of the Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture dead The hope of finding life undergound faded and families made funeral preparationsThen a miracle Rescuers stumbled across a broken pipe leading to a cave of survivors then a second group wasiscoveredA media circus followed Ed Sullivan then the state of Georgia invited survivors to visit Publicity politics and segrega.