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The America We Deserve yAbout things which are in a sense beyond our crude notions of gender we realize that he is in fact talking about the sources of our subjectivity the fundamentally dichotomous nature of our perception and connecting this analysis with a investigation into the good life this is based on the rejection of the lower and a progression to the higher and as such is it only possible for the masculine element for morality is only possible with consciousness and only the male element has the possibility of consciousness There are thus two things to be noted with regards to people who engage in knee jerk criticism of this book The first point is simply tossing around words such as misogyny and racism does not constitute a valid critiue Weininger s book has serious problems which I will address at the end of this review but he is not writing at such a simplistic level that similarly simplistic criticism can be hurled To put it simply he is not engaging in cheap propaganda but is engaged in a sustained philosophical investigation As the subtitle suggests it is truly an investigation of fundamental principles The second point I wish to make follows from the first and which I have already addressed Masculine and feminine refers to ualities Not individuals Once this is borne in mind the simplistic taunt of misogyny should be easily dismissed Another tip for the modern reader especially someone who has familiarity with evolutionary psychology is to approach the text from the perspective of this modern science Weininger uite amazingly anticipates many of the paradigms that have come to be associated with this field The last uarter of the text where Weininger analyzes the nature of the Jewish race and draws parallels between them and the feminine psychology has drawn criticism for its supposed anti semitism Read in the cold and clear light of modernity this portion of the text does indeed strike one as uncomfortable and in light of the ungainly resurgence of many old chauvinistic and racist attitudes in our stilloung century as indefensible But once again I would urge the reader to approach the whole text with an open mind and to once again realize that the author is not talking on the level of biology but is investigating certain fundamental psychological frameworks that characterize the human species Jewishness does not refer in Weininger s usage to a uality of a particular group of people but is instead an archetype that can be inhabited by anyone Now for the conclusion What I liked The book is literally overflowing with great uotes subtle in their penetrating understanding of human psychology Weininger seems to me to be spot on with his fundamental philosophical assertion regarding the division of human nature into masculine and feminine and his analysis of the different modes of functioning peculiar to these two sensibilities seems to me to be largely correct as well In addition I think his characterization of the nature of genius which he reserves for the masculine element is uncompromising but spot on What I didn t like There are no two ways about it Weininger s vision of the universe is dark dreary absolute and despairing He is what Nietzsche would rudely but effectively characterize as a life denier His profound nihilism seeps through the pores of every word in this book and he seems to take as incontrovertibly true that disgust for existence is an absolutely natural state for any thinking man This disgust for life this resenntiment to borrow from Nietzsche once again almost functions as his basic philosophical assumption so to speak It is a tricky situation for the reader for if ou do not share Weininger s assumption uncharitable reviewers have called it his pathology then the entire book does begin to seem like the seductively articulate ravings of a diseased soul In addition and this could be related to his essentially life denying worldview the book is surprisingly religious There is no crude proselytizing Weininger is too subtle for that But he is fanatically obsessive about his faith and his philosophical framework leads almost inevitably to the tenets of his Christian faith ie man is born in sin woman is bad pleasure is immoral this world is a vale of tears His interpretation of his faith is harsh and can almost make him seem like a fanatic at times Last but not least there are a few pages in the middle and towards the end of the book in which Weininger takes on some of his contemporaries these sections are understandably dated and can comfortably be skipped So where do we end up This is one of the few books that I ve been profoundly affected by which I enjoyed tremendously which I ve learnt a great deal from but nonetheless which I cannot recommend whole heartedly Why Because while there are many passages that are so profoundly right as to be blindingly self obvious there are uite a few that are so appallingly terribly fantastically wrong But Weininger is such a genius his arguments so seductive and his basic heart seems to be right that it is easy to get sucked into the whirlpool of his nihilistic genius affirming frenzy But that is not really my call to make Read the book with an open mind be that is not really my call to make Read the book with an open mind be with the depth of one oung man s blinding passion for truth but take it with a huge grain of salt With these provisos I think one can learn a great deal from the product of poor Otto Weininger s tormented brain One of the most controversial most influental although very few thinkers had the courage to pay their due and most insightful works of the early 20th centuryAn indisputable genius perhaps the last of his kind captures the zeitgeist of the declining European civilization through the lens of his own psychosexual pathology Rejecting both plebeian empiricism and lotsofbigwordstm approach of modern uasi philosophy Weininger may be the last representative of the classical Western thought which held the Truth not reason above all elseThe saddening dismissing and hostile attitude of other reviewers reveals both extreme spritiual shallowness and high levels of anti intellectualism of our age Call him wrong all ou want he Was Wrong Than You wrong than ou ever be Possibly my most hated book in my library that has had some significant influence on my own belief system Otto Weininger was a brilliant depressed cult figure who committed suicide at the oung age of 23 in the previous household of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven Disregard his brief life span There has been an immense amount of literary acknowledgements of influence from different artists writers and philosophers According to one source some of these people are said to be Ford Madox Ford James Joyce Franz Kafka Karl Kraus Charlotte Perkins Gilman Gertrude Stein and August Strindberg source It can be projected that for a lot of people here myself included would have discovered Weininger through at least one of these persons My own discovery has been through the Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein His influence is noticeable in the writings of some authors than others However a lot of those who were mentioned above are also Jewish Weininger Wittgenstein and myself as well all come from a Jewish heritage It can be favoured that we are all in fact extremely passive and maybe have some philosophical derivative of Stockholm syndrome due to our rather long history of persecution That we garnered this natural intuition to conceal our true self Even according to Wittgenstein Jews tend to conceal their psychological nature which according to him as being both secretive and cunning Manifested in history as the Jew s practical intellect spiritual flexibility and concealing nature that allowed them to persevere their malignant historical background Weininger argued that the Jews are effeminate and in his misattempt to solve the woman uestion on the basis that all women and Jews are in fact inferior both morally and intellectually to men Men tend to think on a higher rational level whereas women rely heavily on their lower emotions and on a higher rational level whereas women rely heavily on their lower emotions and organs Weininger put fourth in his book two Platonic essentialist forms the male and female and the infinite gradient between them Would it be that in this book that I coincide to believe Is it that what makes this book so influential to me No Wittgenstein routinely recommend this book to his colleagues and despite this great influence it s doubted that those that the book impacted wholly agreed with his conclusions Metaphorically Weininger s ladder has been thrown away to transcend his thoughtIn a letter to GE Moore Wittgenstein wrote It isn t necessary or rather not possible to agree with him but the greatness lies in that with which we disagree It is his enormous mistake which is great Moreover Wittgenstein said that if a negation sign had been placed before the entirety of the book it would be correct in every aspect To be frank I couldn t care less about the actual content of the book so disregard the blatant sexism and antisemitism It is not what the book is about that makes it so wrong and influential Therefore if it is not what is wrong and certainly This book is really terrible just unimaginably trashy but it does have an intriguing backstory and there s the odd fact that Wittgenstein apparently counted Weininger as one of his influences I m slightly annoyed by some of the reviews here that say things along the lines Whether or not ou agree with him ou must admit he was brilliant Because no actually this book is an embarrassing morass of mysogny racism bad science romantic cliches and it s all very badly written I once made a good faith effort to read it but couldn t do than a few chapters. D modern European culture This new translation presents for the first time the entire text including Weininger's extensive appendix with amplifications of the text and bibliographical references in a reliable English translation together with a substantial introduction that places the book in its cultural and historical contex.

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Nger out of hand but what s so cringe worthy about his text is once ou spend ten pages on it The Thing About Alice you cannot dismiss its genius even asou shrivel from its monstrous conclusions Namely That only the male of the species is truly sentient capable of good evil or art Women are empty vessels which exist purely to perpetuate the species Jews by which Weininger means the Platonic ideal of Jews and not Jews themselves only to repeatedly contradict himself by employing the logic of racialbloodline anti Semitism are effete subhumans doomed to an existence of stunted obseuious passivity before Aryan supermen And the worst of the worst are the damnable double whammy Jewesses who he goes off on at some length I blame his motherA train wreck of a treatise god awful Un lieu incertain yet perversely mesmerizing A worthwhile read for any scholar of the Hapsburg Empire or the intellectual foundations of the Holocaust In regards to gender egalitarianism feminism Mgtow and the battle of the sexes This book is a must read this is the ultimate Mgtow book it annihilates the aids known as feminism at the root Man must be indifferent to feminism and women in general in this day and age The Suffragettes and Second Wave Feminist s are mere imitators of Males and could never see their efforts bear fruit Euality between the sexes is a lie A genius like Weininger is very rare he is one of the few writers of European Culture i regard as genius I know this book has an infamous reputation thanks to the feminist slags who can t look in the mirror and are incapable of self reflection and analysis I read this book because it is a good antidote to modern women who embrace feminism and gynocentricism This book to the Mgtow Movement is exactly what Mein Kampf is to the National Socialist Movement in Germany To be fair I m not as misogynistic as Weininger because Modern Women are slaves and prostitutes to Zionist Elites and Marxist Professors in the Universities Weininger understands the dangers that Zionism Communism Liberalism and Feminism pose to the human race and this is one hundred and fifteenears ago Despite Otto Weininger being Jewish he certainly has defeated the negative stereotype so prominent throughout World History I went to Vienna last Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin year and visited his Gravestone in the Protestant Cementary Overall Mgtow men should this book Ifou like books that are bat shit crazy and I certainly do then this one should be at the top of our list It rivals Martin Luther s On the Jews and their Lies Houston Stewart Chamberlain s The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century Charles Carroll s The Negro as Beast and Hitler s Mein Kampf for its bizarre twists and turns in logic and for the absurdity of its content More significant is its popularity published in 1903 it went into its seventeen printing by 1918 which tells ou something about the way people were thinking in Austria and Germany in the early part of the twentieth century For those who want to understand what made Hitler and the Nazis possible this book is a must read But if Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you also want to understand the gnarled inner life of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein thenou should also read this book for Wittgenstein loved it and was heavily influenced by it and somehow this doesn t surprise me In attempting to demonstrate the metaphysical connection between genius masculinity logic memory and ethics he sought to solve the woman uestionHe showed a proposed relation between genius and masculinity and the moral and intellectual inferiority of women and Jews and other minorities Additionally his writings on the subject of Protestantism and Judaism have been seen as reflective of both his own personal self loathing of his Jewish identity and his rebellion against the Catholic culture of Vienna It should be read as an autobiography of a deeply insecure anti semitic Jew a homophobic Homosexual student with many inner conflicts and much self loathing who would shortly thereafter tragically take his own lifeWittgenstein wrote to GE Moore to explain his views on this book saying It isn t necessary or rather not possible to agree with him but the greatness lies in that with which we disagree It is his enormous mistake which is great Ie roughly speaking if Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou you just add a to the whole book it says an important truth I can t believe I never really reviewed this book only gave some really long uotes from it Possibly one of the interesting cultural phenomenas of the 20th century The book is at times idiotic on its misogyny butet its also erudite on the anxiety of living a life amongst decadence and the need for genius amongst the general depravity of society kind of in the way we as an American Idol voting Joel Olsteen and The Shack reading text messaging at all times society are decadent and deprave This book is kind of an attempt to justify the authors reason to go on in a scientific manner to go on though he needs to make very many wild and outlandish statements of opinion and call them facts The guy was a walking cesspool of hatred in all likelihood and most of it was probably "Inner Conflicts And Self "conflicts and self that he tried to vent out on to the world An anti semitic Jew and a homophobic Homosexual who lived out of step with the world around him he was really uite something Fortunately for the world he produced this book which ranks up there with Klaus Kinski s memoirs as possibly the most enjoyably absurd literature of all time I hope to dethrone them eventually with finding something eually or even most enjoyably absurd literature of all time I hope to dethrone them eventually with finding something eually or even than these two cracked Germans suggestions are welcome before deciding to shoot himself at the age of 23 an act that ironically he bungled so instead of dying a heroic death his death sort of dragged on like the whining Werther probably a character he held in disdain And now for the original collection of uotesBefore reading this book I had no idea of what depraved creatures women are I m glad I didn t have to go through of my life without knowing what I now know For The Summer I Wasn't Me your enlightenmentPeople have either not seen or not wanted to say or indeed not pictured uite correctly what Man s penis psychologically means to Woman whether as an adult or even aoung virgin and how it dominates her whole life although she is often totally unconscious of this I do not mean to say that a woman thinks a man s penis beautiful or even just pretty Rather it has the same effect on her as the head of Medusa on human beings or a snake on a bird it hypnotizes entrances fascinates her She perceives it as the thing for which she does not even have a name it is her destiny it is what she cannot escape from The reason why she is so afraid to see Man in the nude and why she never shows him any desire to do so is because she feels that she would be lost straightaway The phallus is what enslaves Woman absolutely and forever Thus it is the very part which thoroughly spoils the look of a man s body which alone makes a naked man ugly and which sculptors therefore often cover with an acanthus or fig leaf that excites women most profoundly and rouses them most powerfully in particular when it represents the most unpleasant thing of all in its erect stateOnly women are happy No man feels happy because every man has a relationship with freedom and et is always to some extent in bondage while on earthThere has never been a moment when I have not longed among other things for non existencewhether seen in this light women are in fact human beings or whether according to the author s theory the author s theory they would not really have to be classified as animals or plantsWoman is not a microcosm she was not created in the image of God Is she then still a human being Or is she an animal Or a plant Otto Weininger s Sex and Character appeared in the early ears of the 20th century conceived and written in an intellectually riled up Vienna It was the atmosphere that gave birth to Freud Wittgenstein Kafka and Jung and it the book in uestion profoundly influenced at least 2 of the mentioned luminaries On first glance the book seems an unlikely candidate for having such a reputation It is without doubt one of the most violent books that I have read I do not mind violence in the base sense of the word but rather I have in mind a kind of elemental corrosiveness that is ultimately philosophical which pushes aside all comforting illusions and calls the masculine element firmly urgently and mercilessly to its task of being moral It is violent in the sublime way that only untramelled profundity can be violent The reference to masculine in the last few lines is sure to make than a few modern readers cringe and is probably the cause for a lot of the notoriety that the book has been considered with ever since its publication Before I can address that perception we should with the soundest philosophical etiuette define our terms For Weininger the male and the female are not used with reference to any biology but are used in the sense of Platonic Ideas In other words male and female refer to Forms to super empirical structures of which the worldly males and females are approximations Thus every human being is a mixture of the male and female element For Weininger the female is sexuality The male is sexuality and something The female is unconsciousness The male has the possibility of consciousness The female is non rational not irrational The male has the possibility of being rational Conseuently and Weininger here follows Kant s ethics the female is non moral not immoral while the male has the possibility of morality The female is nothing The male has the possibility of being something Once the modern reader bears in mind that Weininger is talking. And the idea of human emancipation the uest for sexual liberation and the debates about homosexuality Combining rational reasoning with irrational outbursts in the context of today's scholarship Sex and Character speaks to issues of gender race cultural identity the roots of Nazism and the intellectual history of modernism an. I remember when I was in my late teens I had finally worked my way into the bedroom of a schoolmate I had a crush on since my pre teen Tales from a Pilots Logbook years He was a brown skinned confident athlete with an air of cool and an incredible body that I couldn t wait to discover Everything was going swimmingly in our newfound courtship until I unzipped his pants for the first time After a fair amount of eager fumbling and foolish adolescent foreplay I took off his pants only to find attached this tiny almost inconceivably small resemblance of a raisin a miniscule currant from the most malnourished Saxifragaceae bush I had taken my previous boyfriend from flaccid to firm before so it wasn t the mere fact that my beau nouveau wasn tet erect that was disappointing It was the brutal reality that there wasn t even enough flesh to be noticeable when fully hard At his most erect point he couldn t possibly have been than a baby thumb length s long or wide That was one of the most disappointing days of my life The second most disappointing day was when I actually wasted a whole two hours reading Otto Weininger s Sex And Character To avoid posttraumatic depression I have to try hard not to think about those valuable minutes of my life that I will never be able to replace What I was hoping to be intelligent philosophical observations of human behavior and sexuality turned out to be a hatred filled diatribe about the evil brought into the world by women Jews and other minorities I suppose this incredible let down was my own fault for not having looked closely into Mr Weininger s biography as a woman hating anti Semite he would argue that point but the simple fact that this book has been held in such high esteem and that this guy actually earned himself the title of genius hinted that perhaps he actually did have something to offer besides a slew of hostility and contempt towards any creature on this earth that is not an Aryan male Whatever was I thinking Perhaps my misguidance came from the fact that the first chapter I read from this book was actually somewhat uniue and forward thinking At several points the chapter entitled Motherhood and Prostitution noted a very underdog concept of the professional companion Weininger gave praise to the courtesan for being like a great politician for being an elevated sort of woman offering beauty and education to the world than average female whose only concern he claims is to procreate While at points he contradicted himself in other points he stood up for women who are often looked down on This is a man who embraces alternative perspectives I thought a socially educated open minded and interesting man I was wrong Allow me to offer ou a small slice of the absurdity and dullness of this so called genius with a few uotes taken from his masterpiece Himself a Jew who converted to Protestantism Weininger comments on the materialistic unintelligent effeminate egotistical sexually impotent Jew The true conception of the State is foreign to the Jew because he like the woman is wanting in personality his failure to grasp the idea of true society is due to his lack of free intelligible ego Like women Jews tend to adhere together but they do not associate as free independent individuals mutually respecting each other s individuality As there is no real dignity in women so what is meant by the word gentleman does not exist amongst the Jews The Jew is always absorbed by sexual matters than the Aryan although he is notably less potent sexually and less liable to be enmeshed in a great passion The Jews are habitual matchmakers and in no race does it so often happen that marriages for love are so rare The organic disposition of the Jews towards matchmaking is associated with their racial failure to comprehend asceticism We have now reached the fundamental difference between the Jew and the woman Neither believe in themselves but the woman believes in others in her husband her lover or her children or in love itself she has a centre of gravity although it is outside her own being The Jew believes in nothing within him or without him His want of desire for permanent landed property and his attachment to movable goods are than symbolical Just as Jews and women are without extreme good and extreme evil so they never show either genius or the depth of stupidity of which mankind is capable The specific kind of intelligence for which Jews and women alike are notorious is due simply to the alertness of an exaggerated egotism it is due over to the boundless capacity shown by both for pursuing any object with eual zeal because they have no intrinsic standard of value nothing in their own soul by which to judge of the worthiness of any particular object And so they have unhampered natural instincts such as are not present to help the Aryan man when his transcendental standard fails him Although the humanity of Jews negroes and still of women is weighed down by many immoral impulses The inferiority and soullessness of the physically revolting "woman The phenomena of courtesy and chivalry are simply additional proofs that women have no "The phenomena of courtesy and chivalry are simply additional proofs that women have no souls no faculty for the affairs of State or politics as she has no social inclinations The imagination of women is composed of lies and errors It is inconceivable why women can be considered good as doctors But even in the details of her body a woman is not wholly beautiful not even if she is a flawless perfect type of her sex The genitalia are the chief difficulty in the way of regarding her as theoretically beautiful A woman s nude body is distasteful to man because it offends his sense of shame The female therefore is credulous uncritical and uite unable to understand Protestantism And therefore I must again assert that the woman of the highest standard is immeasurably beneath the man of lowest standard Weininger on the shame and lowliness of love and eroticism Love is murder The sexual impulse destroys the body and mind of the woman and the psychical eroticism destroys her psychical existence Ordinary sexuality regards the woman only as a means of gratifying passion or of begetting children The higher eroticism is merciless to the woman reuiring her to be merely the vehicle of a projected personality or the mother of psychical children Love is not only anti logical as it denies the objective truth of the woman and reuires only an illusory image of her but it is anti ethical with regard to her Weininger on male and female interaction But the man who is not superficial who has depth of thought as well as of purpose the depth which not only makes him desire right but endows him with determination and strength to do right must always look on woman from the oriental standpoint as a possession as private property as something born to serve and be dependent on him he must see the marvellous reasonableness of the Asiatic instinct of superiority over women as the Greeks of old saw it those worthy successors and disciples of the Eastern school Speculation that Weininger developed his misogyny due to his secret love for men is not all that far fetched He had nothing negative to say about sexual attraction between two people of the same gender and actually suggested that it is natural for men to love men There is no friendship between men that has not an element of sexuality in it however little accentuated it may be in the nature of the friendship and however painful the idea of the sexual element would be But it is enough to remember that there can be no friendship unless there has been some attraction to draw the men together Much of the affection protection and nepotism between men is due to the presence of unsuspected sexual compatibility Sexual inverts must be brought to sexual inverts from homo sexualists to Sapphists each in their grades Knowledge of such a solution should lead to repeal of the ridiculous laws of England Germany and Austria directed against homo sexuality so far at least as to make the punishments Germany and Austria directed against homo sexuality so far at least as to make the punishments lightest possible In the second part of this book it will be made clear why both the active and the passive parts in male homo sexuality appear disgraceful although the desire is greater than in the case of the normal relation of a man and woman Apparently while it s immoral and inferior for women and men to have sexual attraction to each other a man having sexual attraction to other men is completely pure and perfectly understandable His displeasure with the human race extends beyond this Weininger also has plenty of contempt and distaste for the incapable effeminate Chinaman the immoral and uneducated Negroes and the unproductive English Of course one would expect a person born in 1880 to have thoughts and opinions that don t necessarily reflect what is socially accepted in modern days but to have written such a talked about and long standing philosophical bible on the human condition one would also expect this genius to have been much of the superior being that this incredible narcissist considered himself to be Weininger committed suicide at the age of 23 by shooting himself in the heart a loss of life es but no loss of genius Unless Natural Cat Care you particularly enjoy suanderingour time reading ignorant claims from And the Ass Saw the Angel youthful bombastic egoistsou may want to skip this one Give early 20th century Austrian Jew Otto Weininger credit for intellectual consistency After penning the anti Semitic violently misogynistic proto Nazi screed Geschlecht und Charakter he followed his own theories to their logical conclusion and killed himself at age 23 The book published after his death was something of a hit throughout EuropeWe wizened postmodernists want to dismiss Weini. Otto Weininger's controversial book Sex and Character first published in Vienna in 1903 is a prime example of the conflicting discourses central to its time antisemitism scientific racism and biologism misogyny the cult and crisis of masculinity psychological introspection versus empiricism German idealism the women's movement.

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