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Mysteries of the geniuses of the past and the fate of future forms notation techniues intellectual property rights the administration of public music ducation theaters and techniues intellectual property rights the administration of public music Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society education theaters and thevolution of standard orchestral instruments All this important technical matters are furnished with a decent amount of digressions by the author in what can be called xtremely personal opinions and a relentless criticism to past and present musical trends institutions composers theorists pedagogues and ven to critics themselves Pure gold Essential for serious study of 20th century music I ve it twice It s tough Helps to have a music background But this is a great way into the mind of one of the top five most important music composers in the history of humankind Hilarious insightful didactic inspiring Hone your theory chops and it will help you get through it Essential to anyone who writes or tries to write musi. Ell as studies of many other composers and reflections on art and societ.

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This collection of ssays by Arnold Schoenberg is not xactly a fun or completely pleasurable read but it is very illuminating and very worthwhile for anyone interested in modern music Schoenberg was very intelligent and had a truly impressive understanding of music and ability to convey his analysis of various works His a truly impressive understanding of music and ability to convey his analysis of various works His style is not always beautiful but it is always clear and Black Heart, Red Ruby expresses his ideas well And at timesspecially when responding to critics Schoenberg can produce a withering sarcasm that is subtly amusingReading Style and Idea all at one go did give me the advantage of understanding "What Was Truly Important And "was truly important and crucial to Schoenberg through seeing which ideas came up repeatedly across many years and many subjects
He Was Concerned Above All 
was concerned above all the clear conveying of a musical idea He really believed that he had in his twelve tone compositional techniue discovered the next logical step One of the most influential collections of music ver published Style an. ,

N the development of Western art MUSIC AND THAT HE HAD THUS and that he had thus the future of music Perhaps at times he seems a little too sure of its centrality He had xtremely New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood exacting and high standards for music and musiciansspecially composers I very much admired his intellect and insight This collection of unpublished letters and articles by Arnold Sch nberg deserves a special place in Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey every musician and music lover s desk preferrably within grasp Okay I ve read it than three times and come back to it almost on a daily basis Five stars all the way this book could be of importance to those who think that you can t actually talk about music and art in general There s a lot to think and discuss about art taste form fashions style and of course content the Idea Sch nberg dives deep into thessence of music composition theory and brings forth the ternal uestions and a reasonable amount of possible answers about the. D Idea includes Schoenberg’s writings about himself
And His Music As 
his music as Style and Idea Selected Writings