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Acters which the first book don t really haveOverall Red Seas Under Red Skies once again proved Scott Lynch s capability in writing a great book with uniue high fantasy story compelling main characters and beautiful settings It s another must have addition to the Gentleman Bastard seu After reading a Tumblr post Where Lynch responded to a reader s complaints about political correctness in this novel I am intrigued I probably enjoyed this book than the first of the Gentleman Bastard seuence It starts as fast paced as the previous book ended with Locke Jean already knee deep in a con involving this worlds euivalent of a Casino known as the Sinspire The start of the novel flips between this section and also what the characters have been up to since they sailed away from Camorr at the end of book 1 This section showcases a cool transition period which shows the Gentleman Bastard s as less than their elegant best including an alcoholic LockeAfter the first 200 pages or so things get very complicated Locke and Jean playing 3 4 personas depending on who they are talking too This tale is mixed with poison trying to rob a vault at the casino pretending to be pirates love and uite a few deaths againThere are a lot characters in this book than the first that I cared about So much going on including the divisions of pirates mages still after Locke Jean assassination attempts etc As I mentioned this is very fast paced and I think the human ualities of the main characters shine they are not superheroes and are ust likely to make mistakes during the long cons Also Jean and Locke have the best bromance ever Can t wait for the next book James xPs I am pretty sure I got lucky and bought the first edition of this book for 100 from a charity shop Woop x 55 Who s the biggest meanest motherfucker here Who s the best bruiser in the Brass Coves Buddy read with my fellow ship mates Petrik CelesteTHIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD Seriously it was incredible I can t even explain how happy I was to be back in this world I went into this book with lowish expectations because I heard it was the weakest in the trilogy However for me that wasn t the case this book was as good as The Lies of Locke Lamorr honestly I can t decide if I like this one or the first one better so I m going to say they are both eually amazing I found the writing this time around to be much easier to follow and still love the way the chapters are set past and present BUT I still hated the long arse descriptions that go on and on the world building is wonderful however I found the descriptions to be over kill The action in this one doesn t stop its like a horrible roller coaster that your not allowed to get off instead of vomiting I came close to having a heart attackOn then one occasion I found myself talking to the book begging for my favourite bromance ever to stay safe friends I even cried Like there was some really heartbreaking parts in this book The pain Locke Jean felt at the start the strain on their friendship most importantly the death of my ultimate ship The pain in my heart was also realI must also admit it definitely wasn t as fun to read as the first This book is a lot darker then the first and has a lot of heartbreak and anguish It was less humorous then the first but definitely wasn t lacking for banter and still had some really funny moments It also had a ROMANCE Yay I totally love romance in stories only when the romance isn t the main focus It had me feeling all gooey inside I Pajama Party just loved everything about this book Pretend I m a barrel then Barrels don t have br So I ve heard Find the nerve You want me to pretend that you re a barrel so I can tell you what I was telling barrels back when I was pretending they were you Precisely Only one word to describe this book and that s BADASS As you all know I love criminals deceit backstabbing bromance swearing my inner hillbilly loves all the swearing thievery tough people Well folks this book has all of the above like could this series actually be the bible of badassery Truth be honest it is the holy grail of badassery I m currently making a temple to worship the thirteenth god the Crooked Warden I swear this book was written for me We were made for each other It was even educational I learnt a lot from this book it taught me how to lie steal cheat the fact that you must take cats to sea for luck to kill people also this new insult I ll fuckin kill you later you cabbage brained pig rapist The story is a continuation of book one after Locke Jean escape from Camorr This time around we have two broken men who are trying to get established in the underworld in a new city Theob itself is to steal something precious from the Spinspire casino I found the plot in this book complex then book one there was a uote in the book that describes it perfectly This web of lies was growing so convoluted so branching and so delicate that a moth s fart might knock it to pieces The lies that Locke Jean weave are so complex I have no idea how Scott thought of half the stuff that happens in the book some of the situations the bastards got out of or should I say lied themselves out of were so insane This book was full of heisty goodness it was like Oceans Eleven only with PIRATES Did I Bunco Babes Tell All just say pirates Yes I fucking did I don t know about you but Pirates are my favourite criminals ever so I was an extremely happy camper while reading this book I found the pirate terminology easy to follow because well let s face it I m a pirate and fluent in pirate language I also didn t know pirates loved cats I AM THE CRAZY CAT LADY so I loved all the mewing and pawing around So much cat talk I m in cat heaven We must have cats A basket of cats for the Red Messenger We need what luck we can steal All gods as your witness you must not fail to have cats at that ship before we put to sea But I m faced with a new issue it was worst then all the heartbreak I can t pick a favourite character and I always need a favourite Im indecisive on who I like I love them both for different reason Jean because his the toughest motherfucker ever I m the meanest motherfucker here I m the biggest bruiser in the Brass Coves But then I also love Locke because his a clever little crafty bastard the best thief ever You snake souled dirty minded son of a bitch I hope a shark tries to suck your cock So I ve decided they can bothoin my harem I truly adore Locke Jean they re bromance is amazing honestly the best bromance ever their banter is something else the sass is so strong with these two perfect thieves If I could have two book best friends id choose Locke Jean hands down fanart by TolmancottonCan this series be made into a movie now Please My action loving self is craving to see my bastards kick arse on screen Surely you boys can do simple sums he said One plus one euals don t fuck with me I d recommend this to all fantasy lovers 15 I also think this series would be a great introduction for someone wanting to read adult fantasy Ps Currently training to be a gentleman bastard See all you suckers when I m snatching your purseHere s some cat uotes from the book that gave me the giggles but you d better pray in your cabin tonight for one thing What s that Cats falling from the bloody sky OF COURSE no convenient rain of screeching felines was forthcoming that night I wish this every night aswell Butcan you imagine those poor bastards grappling their prey leaping over the rails swords in hand screaming Your cats Give us all your gods damned cats ive said it once and i will say it again locke and Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi jean could rob me of all im worth and i would literally get down on my knees and thank them for the honour they are the most deceptively clever enticingly cunning and gentlemanly bastards i have ever read and i cant get enough of them you guys this story does not suffer from a sopho slump its a brand new adventure thats luring nautical and full of scoundrels its masterfully chaotic so many subplots so many characters yay for women so much world building theres never a dull momentits intricately woven no movement no scene no word is insignificant everything is so interconnected on so many levels its darkly humorous oh my gosh the banter theokes the uips the characters are so well written and their interactions are always memorableim not going to lie im a little worried about how things are going to go in the next book i guess i ust have to pick it up and see what happens next 45 stars 475 stars Finally the pirate book I ve been craving This is basically Ocean s 11 meets Pirates of the Caribbean I ll be honest when I first read this book years ago my reaction was kinda meh Or rather I remember it being that way It was a long time back and I can barely bring to mind what I ate for lunch yesterday So I m terribly reliable that way I also vaguely remember that it wasn t as talked up as Lies of Locke that wasn t as talked up as Lies of Locke There wasn t the same excited buzz about it when it came out so I remember feeling reasonably ustified in my meh feeling That means reading through it again a second time was an interesting experience Because now I have passed through the fiery hell that is Publishing The Second Book Don t get me wrong first books are hard especially in secondary world fantasy You have to introduce an entire world You re constantly walking the knife edge between boring people by explaining too much and confusing them by explaining too little But on the plus side in a first book or movie for that matter everything has the benefit of being shiny and new Every revelation is fresh and exciting Every character is a mystery unfurling That s not the case in a second book In a second book you still have that problem PLUS you have the problem that some of your readers read the first book two days ago and some of them read it two years ago Some of them haven t read it at allOn top of that a lot of people want nothing than for you to write your first book over again because that s what they know and love But you can t do that because you only get one beginning When you write the second book in a series the honeymoon is over Now you re in a whole different type of relationship And love is harder to maintain than infatuation That s why in my opinion shifting gears from first book to second book is THE most difficult part of being a new writer Given all of this I can see why people in general and me in specific might have been a little meh on this book We were all butterflies in tummy tingly after reading Lies of Locke Lamora We loved it and we wanted to see the same thing again Which I now realize is silly I don t think I knew that then I mention all of this because this second time through I found myself wondering what my problem was the first time Because honestly the book is good We get to explore a cool new piece of the world There are characters that I know and love being very true to themselves while still growing and changing and coming into conflict with each other and the world There is wonderful craft here And brilliant dialogue as before Wit #And Humor Both It S #humor both It s that this book might be a little less Ocean s Eleven and a little Grifters But that s okay Because seuels need to change and grow a bit otherwise a series stagnates and dies And this book made me cry a bit which the first one didn t So that s a mark in its favor Soyeah Simply said I really enjoyed it Did I enjoy it as much as Lies No But not every book can be on your top ten list Did Seas suffer from a bit of a sopho slump Yeah A bit But you won t find me bitching because the only thing I could say was something along the lines of O Woe is me I was expecting pure untrammeled brilliance and all I got was mere shining excellence Also they didn t have any loganberry cream cheese at the caf this morning so I had to have blueberry instead Alas I shall now weep and write poetry in my ournal Yeah I don t want to be that person Nobody wants to be that personThat said the ending leaves you hanging So I m really fucking glad the next book is out Speaking of which I think I m going to wander over to the bookstore and buy a copy of that right now. Trick and swindle their way up the nine floors straight to Reuin's teeming vault Under the cloak of false identities they meticulously make their climb until they are closer to the spoils than everBut someone in Tal Verrar has uncovered the duo's secret Someone from their past who has every intention of making the impudent criminals pay for their sins Now it will take every ounce of cunning to save their mercenary souls And even that may not be enou. .
M happy for you You ve gone and stolen something back from this whole dead end distraction Stragos has shoved us into Hold it tight sighs I adored them so much They were really damn cute and I found myself grinning when they interacted Yes they were that sweet They were a fine match indeed which made it even sadder that Ezri died while saving them all That woman was so perfect for Jean I swear She gave her life for her friends and family ust like Jean would have done And I think the worst thing about it all is that Jean can t even be angry at her because if given the chance he would have done exactly the same thing I m actually kind of pissed off myself and have an axe to grind with Lynch as well How dare you to introduce such a great woman ust to kill her off again It s not fair sniff I shipped them really hard but I also knew that it wouldn t last Truth be told I was afraid Ezri would die the moment Jean really fell for her It was too good to be true TT Always a way to attack Jean mused between kisses always a way to escape Of course she whispered Hold fast and sooner or later you ll always find what you re after ConclusionWhen I thought that Scott Lynch couldn t surprise me any he proved me wrong and took this book in an entirely different direction I would have been content to follow their Sinspire heist but Lynch had other plans and I m really thankful for it This book had everything I love Intriguing and clever characters a deadly gamble a heist pirates strong female MCs an amazing plot and last but not least a wonderful world I could get lost in If you ve already read the first book and loved it do yourself a favour and read this one too I m 90% certain you won t regret it Although I was prepared to bite my thumb at anyone who had a problem with this book up to about 200 pages in over the course of the 500 pages after that I began to slowly reluctantly and finally in complete exasperation change my mindScott Lynch begins his novel at the same level of uality as his fabulous first novel The Lies of Locke Lamora His characters are dealing with the events of the previous novel in a mostly believable fashion in a believable time period its kept from becoming episodic or his characters from seeming hollow I very much enjoyed the first 200 pages as they both try to move on and deal with the past and the explanation of how they got where they are when the novel opens two years on from the events of Lies A character development A banter A action seuences A for inventiveness loved the relationship between Locke and Jean and it had mostly well done plot development as Locke and Jean embroil themselves in yet another high flying Oceans Eleven style conHowever And this is a big however it felt like Scott Lynch suddenly changed his mind completely about what he wanted to write and had a big Screw It moment and decided to be completely self indulgent Which I m sure was a lot of fun for him but for the reader it is a very confusing ridiculous sharp disappointment Somewhere along the way he decided he wanted to write Pirates of the Carribean fanfiction stealing plot details which kind of sucked even in the movies settings near direct uotes and even little moments of action in battle seuences His other influences were starkly obvious as well there were strong strong nods to The Princess Bride moments out of the movie they made of Zorro even His characters fell victim to the most overdone of fantasy genre stereotypes the fact that they didn t do this was one of my favorite parts of the first book his plot was increasingly unlikely and also became a ridiculous soap opera and the uality of his writing went from laugh out loud to roll my eyes so loud you can hear me across the room I also felt that this book got incredibly preachy at points which is kind of a killjoy for a novel that has two thieves for heroes Lynch decided that he needed to push some kind of Robin Hood working class agenda to make his heroes seem morally superior to everyone else Nobody is reading this book for ustice for the lower classes LynchIt wasn t all bad I appreciated the Lynch inserts women into professions all throughout his world mostly without preachy comment I liked the character of the pirate Zamira I enjoyed that Jean who is still mostly wonderful got his own independent storyline I enjoyed how good his descriptive powers can be and like I said I enjoyed the first 200 pagesBut come on this could have been much better Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly FitzChivalry Farseer and The Fool Locke Lamora and Jean Tammen eight men of fantasy who without their counterpart would be nothing Indeed without Jean at his back Locke Lamora would have no chance of success Both men provide the other with what he lacks and together they make a deadly silver tongued thieving duo that are best summed up in two words awesome bastards A deadly scheme on the high seasIt was a big surprise to me that in the prologue Jean betrays Locke It s obviously not real and there s obviously a reason for the farce it is no doubt a charade for the benefit of their mark But either way it made me storm through the book to discover exactly why it had happened This was a bit of an underhanded move to those that the trick was played on It worked uite well and gave me a strong reason to read this book even if I felt a little duped The plot of this book is fast and exciting I m not uite sure how the duo manages to pull it all off I mean they Close to Hugh juggle a casino heist at the same time as being manipulated by a devious Archon then to top it off they even find time in the middle for a pirate adventure It s uite remarkable really becauseust when you think their luck has run out they seem to conjure up an incredibly clever and improvised plan to save their hides These two are literally two of the most scheming ingenious bastards that ever existed they are the definition of lovable rogues They grow on me with each book A clever partnership They know each other so well and only because of this do they manage to defeat the odds time and time again They have secret hand gestures and code words so they can tell the others motives in tricky situations Locke provides the ability to worm himself out of any trap and Jean provides the muscle along with a moral thievish code Together they are brilliant apart they are vulnerable Their history together keeps them alive and allows for the most outlandish of plans to develop into a truly intricate plot When you can t cheat the game you d best find a means to cheat the players I do think the author s writing has improved in this novel He still uses the same elouent descriptions but the superfluous and convoluted information about the scenery are kept to a minimum In the previous book it felt he d spent paragraphs describing inanimate objects and irrelevant places I was glad to see a concise approach to his writing I think he has got the balance ust right in this novel and I can easily see this developing into a really strong series I can t wait to see where the author takes this in the future Gentleman Bastard Seuence 1 The Lies of Locke Lamora A good solid 35 stars2 Red Seas Under Red Skies A thieving 4 stars3 The Republic of Thieves A poisonous 45 stars Buddy read with these thieves Celeste Sarah455 StarsContrary to the popular opinion that Red Seas Under Red Skies the second book in the #Gentleman Bastard Seuence series is weaker than its predecessor I m inclined to say that it #Bastard Seuence series is weaker than its predecessor I m inclined to say that it not inferior nor superior but it s eually great with The Lies of Locke Lamora in a different way It retained some elements that made the first book rose to its fame and at the same time replace some of them with some new factors to the series I do however enjoyed reading the first book Difficult and impossible are cousins often mistaken for one another with very little in common Two years after the end of the first book we continue straight off with The Gentleman Bastard trying to again pull off another biggest heist they ever attempted The plot started with Locke Jean camouflaging as professional gamblers in an opulent casino named Sinspire executing one of the necessary steps for their heist However again the heist gets so much complicated than what they plannedThe whole setting of the book took place in a completely different place than its predecessor this time taking place in the island city Of Tal Verrar And The Tal Verrar and the of Brass Although I miss the city of Camorr for its beauty and resemblance with Venice I do think that Tal Verrar and Sea of Brass gave the necessary new atmosphere to the book and series as a wholePicture Tal VerrarThe entire narrative is still told in the same storytelling method as the previous book by shifting between present and past time frame The past sections this time are called Reminiscent and it s there to bridge the 2 years gap before the beginning of the book These past sections are there only for the first half of the book it s different from the previous book where it lasted from the beginning up to the end and honestly speaking I prefer it to last all the way since it worked so well before However the entire Reminiscent sections explored how Locke deals with the aftermath of Camorr and how he ll set up their plan for the biggest heist of their career which remained captivating as alwaysThe most enthralling part of the book for me will have to be the uestions How the hell will they get out of this situation How will they execute their schemes that were present through the entire plot line It s ingenious how Scott Lynch implemented the lies heist all the moving parts and schemes after schemes filled with humorous crude yet elouent dialogues which I can t ever seem to get enough of Any man can fart in a closed room and say that he commands the wind Imagine what Kvothe the Arcane would say to that Locke would probably fart and said he knows The Name of the Wind if they ever metAll the parts I discussed ust now are or less the same as the greatness we received in The Lies of Locke Lamora and so come up the uestion what makes this book so different from its predecessor Pirates the last half of the book took on a completely different atmosphere with its seafaring piracy and naval warfare Don t get me wrong despite being on a ship most of the time there are still a lot of lies and schemes going on and I admit I m not too fond of being in the sea too long since there s nothing to look at in the world building during this duration other than you know the sea However Scott Lynch managed to make it so fun to read with the never ending problems that arise the longer the Gentleman Bastards are there Plus the amount and uality of the actions piece in this book are superior to the previous book in my opinion Thrilling actions during the naval warfare and great climax scenes are all there and they in my opinion killed the boredom that should ve been caused by the setting completelyPicture Locke Lamora in Red Seas Under Red Skies Chinese edition coverNow let s talk about the best part of the book THE CHARACTERS WITH THE SECOND BOOK characters With the second book let s ust say Locke and Jean has become one of my favorite book duobromance of all time Their friendship loyalty banter is without a doubt the best part of the book or maybe the series itself for me even than the schemes and heists Their banter and interaction completely give life to the bookWhether it s the humorous interactions Worst of all the inner vault is guarded by a live dragon attended by fifty naked women armed with poisoned spears each of them sworn to die in Reuin s service All redheads You re ust making that up Jean Or the heartwarming one I want to hug you And I want to tear your gods damned head off Both at onceAh near as I can tell that s the definition of family right there The Gentleman Bastards aside all the other characters are replaced with a completely new cast of characters This doesn t mean that the new characters are poorly written though Zamira Drakasha and Ezri Delmastro are both a fantastic addition to the story with them being the strong and compelling female char. Of all the Sinspire the most exclusive and heavily guarded gambling house in the world Its nine floors attract the wealthiest clientele and to rise to the top one must impress with good credit amusing behavior and excruciatingly impeccable play For there is one cardinal rule enforced by Reuin the house's cold blooded master it is death to cheat at any game at the SinspireBrazenly undeterred Locke and Jean have orchestrated an elaborate plan to lie. I d lay even odds that between the people following us and the people hunting us we ve become this city s principal means of employment Tal Verrar s entire economy is now based on fucking with us Now if that isn t an accurate assessment I dunno P In fact this is a pretty good summary of the entire book and I could probably leave it at that Since I m me and since I always feel an almost overwhelming need to put in my two cents I ll go a little bit into detail though Don t say you didn t see that coming P So apparently the shit hit the fan in Red Seas Under Red Skies big time I may add and Locke and Jean are neck deep in trouble once again How they managed to infuriate an entire city Well I think you ll have to find that out for yourself all I m going to say is that they seem to have a special talent to attract the unwanted attention of bigger fish And I m not talking about sharks here I m talking about sea monsters lol Both figuratively and uite literally speaking XD They have enemies than you can count and if this wouldn t already have been enough the Bondsmagi of Karthain are still pissed off because of their let s say uite uniue way of dealing with one of their own I swear the scene at the market gave me the creeps shuddersI m sure Locke and Jean can t drink enough Lashani Blue to get their warning out of their heads XD I might be able to though so if any of you know where to get a bottle of this hellish stuff I m ready to buy it and share P It sounded truly delicious Anyway let s not have one over the eight and focus on other things instead XD For instance the plot What I really enjoyed was that the book started with another planned heist but went in an entirely different direction after and players came into the game At first I wasn t all too sure if I liked that change but damn did Scott Lynch persuade me to board that new ship uite literally once again because they were actually heading out to the Sea of Brass lol And the rest Well the rest will hopefully become your next bedtime story PThe characters Welcome to Tal Verrar The city of gambling where winning will get you to the next level At least in the uestionable establishment of the Sinspire which truth be told actually sounds like a legendary place to be lol Selendri and Reuin the owners of said gambling den don t mess around though so prepare to be spoiled at every gambling table Spoiled AND robbed of course Keep your enemies close and your money closer P Locke Lamora And I miss them he said his voice nearly a whisper Gods I miss them It s my fault they re dead I can t I can t stand it I swear the Locke at the beginning of this book had my heart bleeding I never thought I d see him so broken but after what happened at the end of the last book I should have known that he wasn t going to recover uickly I m really glad that Jean was with him and forced him to face his problems because otherwise he would have never come back And come back he did lol I loved to watch his Charity journey and how he changed during the book The loss of his friends made him stronger and serious but every once in a while there were moments when the old Locke reappeared His sass and his charming personality will always cause me to root for him and Iust love this man okay XD He could charm the last penny from my pockets and steal my heart all at once and I still wouldn t mind it 33 And if he wouldn t already be such a great thief and con man I d totally be ready to read stories about Captain Orrin Ravelle lol Oh sighed Jean Well aren t you the clever little bastard Yes on all three counts actually Captain Orrin Ravelle said Locke drawing a dagger and placing it against the captain s throat Of the good ship Tal Verrar is Fucked You stop in and let them know I m in the neighbourhood Once a Big Lie was let out in the world it seemed to grow on its own and needed little tending or worry to bend to the situation Jean Tannen When I get this door open you re dead Jean When you get that door open I look forward to many long years of life then Jean is THE BEST 3 I loved how he dealt with morose Locke and his creativity was uite impressive Who would have known he had it in him XD I think Jean changed a lot in this book too and I really liked his character arc To lose his fellow Gentleman Bastards was bitter pill for him as well but he dealt with it in an entirely different way than Locke did Jean tried to build something new and watched out for Locke which is so typical for him He s the best friend you could possibly have and despite his grief he never lost hope Still it s undeniable that his priorities changed and this led to uite a few arguments between him and Locke I think Jean only wants peace now but as it seems this ust isn t in the cards for them Ezri Delmastro Touch a weapon or try to take one from one of the crew and I guarantee you ll die on the instant We re touchy about that I ADORED this woman Ezri was so amazing and I m very thankful Scott Lynch decided to invent her character and to make her a part of this book She s definitely a girl that doesn t take any shit from anyone and I ust loved her for it Ezri is a formidable fighter and the men on her ship listened to her I loved that she had the respect of the crew and that she was able to fight for herself No damsel in distress here Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life just a strong woman that knew exactly what she wanted and took it That s how awesome female characters are done I loved how unapologetic she was and seriously when I grow up I want to be like her lol She could be very compassionate and gentle though and I can t believe it had to end like that WHY SCOTT LYNCH WHY Ezri deserved so much better than that TT I ll never get over her sacrifice never Del if it s not too much trouble we re planning to attack that shipust ahead of us so could you Oh yeah the fight for our lives I suppose I could help you out for a few minutes Captain Captain Zamira Drakasha Oh good she said a moment later Because after that Mummy needs to fetch her armour and her sabres And then she needs to go and board that lying motherfucker s ship and sink it #like a stone a female pirate captain and #a stone A female pirate captain and owned it Zamira was such a strong character I really liked that she had two children and was a caring and loving mother as well as a total badass when it came to boarding an enemy ship Some might say that her children were her weakness but I think her love for them only made her even stronger She saw through all of Locke s lies and wasn t fooled by him and that led to him being honest with her which was amazing I think Locke needed an honest friend like Zamira and someone that brought out the best in him And in some way or another she did exactly that At the end of the book Locke and Jean left her ship but I really hope that she ll reappear in one of the other books The world sure as hell needs characters like Captain DrakashaStragos The Archon The Bondsmagi distort our world with their very presence They rule us in many ways that have nothing to do with politics the fact that we can hire them to do our bidding is immaterial That little guild looms over everything we plan everything we dream Now that man was uite a nuisance Stragos is one of those privileged people that buy their mercenaries and alchemists but have no idea how to use them properly I must admit he got the better of Locke and Jean when he made them drink his wine but if it wouldn t have been for his dangerous little games he would have been no threat to them He seemed to be the kind of man that loves to plan things and sets them into motion but ultimately has no foresight to predict unexpected events let alone to take them into account His plan to use Locke and Jean in order to stir the pirates was pretty half baked and it was no surprise that it didn t work out If you ask me he got exactly what he deserved and hopefully his current predicament will teach him a valuable lessonSelendri Reuin I wonder if there is anything that you don t distrust Distrust everyone she said and you can never be betrayed Opposed but never betrayed Now those two were the real deal They were uite the antagonistic pair and I kind of liked their attitude Those two didn t mess around they were a force to be reckoned with and definitely even of a threat to Locke and Jean than Stragos ever was You wouldn t have thought it by ust looking at them but they were uite formidable and skilled The interesting thing about them is that no one would have assumed them to be so clever They were highly underestimated which ultimately benefited them in the end Also can we please acknowledge how interesting the Sinspire was I would have loved to take a closer look at that place and to spend a night there lol And don t even get me started about the irony at the end XD Reuin s final move was artfully done indeed P Something tells me that we haven t seen the last of them yet and that this Duo Infernale will reappear in one of the other books A girl can always dream right lol Difficult Difficult and impossible are cousins often mistaken for one another with very little in common All that remains said Reuin is for your other udge to concur that you are still a risk worth taking Other udge Reuin gestured toward Selendri You ve heard everything my dear Do we put Leocanto out of the window or do we send him back down to where you fetched him from The relationships shipsLocke Jean Maybe I ll just hold fast after this bottle said Locke Hold fast is a nautical I know said Locke I ll kill myself hold fast after this bottle said Locke Hold fast is a nautical I know said Locke I ll kill myself Their friendship is still everything and I can t believe that Locke doubted him for even a second Then again he might have thought he wasn t worthy of his friendship any because let s be blunt here he truly acted like an idiot at the beginning of the book He was grieving though and Jean being Jean knew that it was Locke s way to cope with things It certainly wasn t the best way but it s probably the only one Locke ever knew Still with Jean s love interest there came an interesting and new dynamic into their friendship and I think Locke had to get used to his best friend being in love It s something we all have to deal with when we grow up and it might have happened rather late with those two but it did happen nevertheless Jean s priorities might have changed over the course of the book but this didn t mean that he was wrong There was nothing wrong about wanting a uiet and easy life and Locke eventually realized this too Hell at the end he wanted this kind of life as well and was ready to take a shot at it with Ezri and Jean It s such a pity that Stragos didn t let them have it And URGH I don t know how often I used this sentence for books already but THE ENDING It kills me to think that Locke might die a slow and painful death now but I can totally understand why he did what he did 333 Jean means everything to him and is his family and after all the things he did for him he ust wanted to make sure that he d be alright That bastard You can t even blame him for taking away Jean s choice because it was such a noble and right thing to do TT ARGH I swear one day Locke Lamora will be the death of me 3 Fuck you You re ten pints of crazy in a one pint glass He is extraordinary Locke whispered He continues to save my life time and time again even when I don t deserve it He returned his gaze to the Orchid s roiling glowing monster haunted wake Which is always or less He realized that he was strangely disuieted that Jean hadn t followed him relentlessly at his heels looking after him as always It is a favour said Locke A favour to me You saved my life all the time because you re an idiot and you don t know any better Let me let me do it for you ust once Because you actually deserve it I don t understand any of this Jean whispered You son of a fucking bitch how can you do this I want to hug you And I want to tear your gods damned head off Both at once Ezri Jean It is a fine match Maybe you could do better Locke grinned to let Jean know that there was no actual need to knock his brains out of his skull but I know for a solid fact that she couldn t Ever So saying he sueezed Jean s hand After a brutal battle with the underworld that nearly destroyed him Locke and his trusted sidekick Jean fled the island city of their birth and landed on the exotic shores of Tal Verrar to nurse their wounds But even at this westernmost edge of civilization they can't rest for long and are soon back to what they do best stealing from the undeserving rich and pocketing the proceeds for themselvesThis time however they have targeted the grandest prize. ,
Red Seas Under Red Skies