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Who Is Muhammad Ali? gIf you think Ultraimperialism exists i feel bad for you son Capitalism sot stages and imperialism s the highest one I like the book but it reminds me of a story I used to teach talented students at Hunter college and one of them a #RUSSIAN GIRL WROTE A BOOK REPORT #girl wrote a book report this for her political science class She sought to show how pro American she was by criticizing all of Lenin s assumptions and did a respectable job Little did she know that her Marxist professors at Hunter would be horrified by her analysis Her professor wrote in the margins to her paper Can t you see Lenin was right Why isn t this book present in high school curriculums It clearly explains what the present system is and how its oing to end up Self destruction wars and depletion of natural resources And for what so a few parasites can derive imaginary wealth Indeed human being claims to have bigger brain yet not that different from a yeast Damn near propheticImperialism reads like Vladimir Lenin s attempt to write a sort of addendum or update to Marx s Das Kapital To provide a materialist statistically derived examination of the ways capitalism changed between the time of Marx up to the first world warThat sounds like a dry theoretical project but what Lenin achieves here is almost scary This book is possibly the first coherent statement about the nature of capitalism once it transcends specific national origins and becomes a truly lobal phenomenon Here at last we are in the proper world of lobal finance that we still occupy 100 years later In which lobal banks wielding staggering amounts of wealth have superseded industry as the real makers and breakers of economic lifeHe ets it all The panicked lobal rush to find new resource chains and new markets to sell to The cycles of war and peace that are the only ways those resources can be redistributed on an already thoroughly owned planet The rise of a lobal power elite ever heard of the 1% The inevitable transfer of the working class away from the major powers into the developing worldsound familiar yetIt s still Lenin s world We just live in it First I need to rant a littleDear Lenin I am against the state I am against imperialism militarism colonialism statism I am against interventionism discriminationpositive and negative of economic agents by the state that breeds long standing cartels and monopolies I am for a free market for liberty and for private property My position can be described and falls into the category of libertarianism a position you never thought about and you may consider absurd But my position althrough I do not hold the pretension of absolute truth or of covering all possible nuances of human activity and morality my position is way consistent and moral then yours This book has big propaganda and rhetorical value but it is a abuse and total lack of economic knowledge Firstly Lenin dose not bother to make a distinction between real capitalism and crony capitalism His definition and usage of the term capital unveils his illiteracy in economics Thus he throws statistics after statistics in witch he dose not take into consideration inflation and the money supply over the years Capital for him in marxist tradition is just a monetary abstraction that just regenerates and enerates new capital noting to itHis rhetoric on monopoly is a smart one But I fail to understand what is his definition of monopoly The possible phenomenon that may occur under capitalism are exaggerated and misunderstood to serve his purpose the advance of his theory on the inevitable progress of free market capitalism and misunderstood to serve his purpose the advance of his theory on the inevitable progress of free market capitalism imperialism Yet he dose not consider the help the state has ave to those firms That is crony And if monopoly is bad for him Dose he realize that a socialist super state monopoly is the worst possible Yes monopoly and cartels form under capitalism But they also dissolve under true capitalism The concentration of capital also leads to the flooding with consumer oods for the population witch Lenin skilfully ignores Yes as competition diminishes the flooding of the masses with consumer oods is reduced but even a monopoly in shoes Wants To Sell Shoes to sell shoes all people and wants all people to be able to buy shoes The argument of the hiding and stockpiling of consumer oods for speculation is again silly Yes the phenomenon of speculation is real but a firm can not speculate by stockpiling in the event of a future major shortage and in the same time produce at the same level and pay wages It is an impossibility and another. Vladimir Lenin created this hugely significant Marxist text to explain fully the inevitable flaws and destructive power of Capitalism that it would lead unavoidably to imperialism monopolies and colonialism He prophesied that those third world countries used ,

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Империализм как высшая стадия капитализма

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N interview with him on BullionVaultcom a British website devoted to buying and selling The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World gold and in the course of it he mentioned this book by Lenin praising it as a brilliant analysis of how the business machinations of the European powers led to World War I Intrigued by this recommendation from a capitalist I respected I took the plunge and bought my own copy of Lenin s ImperialismNow I ve read it and while I think that Mr Coxe overstated the uality of this book I did find some valuable ideas in itFirst the negatives this is a Communist tract that is mainly preaching to the converted It is filled with the typical rhetorical clutter of name calling sarcasm and ad hominem jabs all of which severely impair the seeming objectivity and credibility of the author He spends much time excoriating other Marxist authors for their perversion of Marx s doctrines And it doesn t help that Lenin himself went on to become a dictator and a tyrantAllowing for all of that I found the book to be of definite interest For one thing Lenin is comfortable with facts and figures and he presents a number of short tables showing therowth of industrial and then banking monopolies and cartels in 19th century Europe and America He observes how the frenzy of colonial land Tricycle (HISTOIRE) grabs of the late 19th century followed hard on these developments and he infers a causal connection The original capitalism of free trade which had made England so rich had evolved to a later stage of monopolistic capitalism in which competition hasiven way to coercion He ives plenty of persuasive evidence of the predatory and anticompetitive behavior of the cartels in steel railroads oil and electricity to name a few The tycoons at the top divided the world "into fixed territories and set the prices If competitors appeared they were " fixed territories and set the prices If competitors appeared they were out or crushedProfits are bigger if you control the cost of raw materials yourself this is achieved by capturing the territory where they re produced This is where a national element enters for the cartels of different countries don t necessarily play nicely with each other their agreements can collapse The cartels of each country drive their country s colonial agenda Lenin shows how Earth was completely parceled into colonies in the second half of the 19th century And since World War I led to a big realignment of these one has to wonder what role colonial competition played in that ferocious conflictIn the last century most colonies have achieved nominal independence But war remains a big business Why exactly is it that one country one possessing vast resource wealth is invaded to seize its nonexistent weapons of mass destruction while another country one possessing no resource wealth is left alone despite actually possessing such weapons I m speaking of Ira and North Korea but other examples come to mindWar is justified to credulous voters in terms of ideology security or even emotional slights but its real business appears to be what it has always been the seizure of assets by forceV I Lenin saw this 100 years ago He thought that Marxism assets by forceV I Lenin saw this 100 years ago He thought that Marxism the cure Apparently it isn t So the disease rages onThe ancient dictum still applies cui bono who benefits Or in the words of the Watergate source Deep Throat follow the money Lenin followed the money but neither he nor anyone else has been able to do much about it Hauntingly accurate in its predictions of neither he nor anyone else has been able to do much about it Hauntingly accurate in its predictions of capital Eerily prescient of the 2008 bank bailouts and America s overseas adventurism during the last 110 years Lenin does a fine job of highlighting the inherent flaws and contradictions of capitalism and how monopolies and imperialism hurt us all especially the peoples of abused territories Many references to economists and historians I am unfortunately unfamiliar with yet many cited facts and insightful accessible data via charts and raphs Incredible work about how capitalism made its own contradictions due to free market Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell giving as conseuence a new stage of economy Imperialism Leniniven us a study about how capitalism turned into a imperialism through a researches that he made of bourgeois data using a critical approaching in marxism This book was made when World War I began and socialism yet was seeing such as new alternative of see the life Despite of data which Lenin used and the time the book was written this work contains current elements to understand the fall of capitalism in our times and how capitalism fell in parasitism what is manifested in wars of First World against Third World for its resour. And revolution They have enlightened outraged provoked and comforted They have enriched lives and destroyed them Now Penguin brings you the works of the reat thinkers pioneers radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we ,

Example of the exaggerations marxist employ to demonize capitalism Speculation on the scale for the scope and in such a class conspiracy manner as marxist dreams never happensHis chapter on the banks is pure stupidity You can not speak of bancking without mentioning fractional reserve banking His figures of the asset of banks is irrelevant when you clearly do not know about monetary expansion by private and central banks The chapters on imperialism statism and militarism may be worth but it is poisoned with his attempt to put those ill tendencies of states as attributes of capitalism Everything wrong is because capitalism What a stupid and dangerous simplification of evil What about the evil within you Lenin This is the second book I ve read by Lenin This one s short invective and theoretically sweet Could a Marxist ask for In this book Lenin is exploring the contradictions inherent in 18th century capitalism and the resolution capitalism seeks within its own structures to resolve the contradiction or the negation of the negation which euals Imperialism For Lenin the increased concentration of the means of production by those who win on the free market even if winning means cheating and free market is a misnomer will rise to a monopoly position Lenin of course seems spot on about this observation and this view is now enerally accepted hence trust busting heavy state regulation the reuirement for too big to fail intervention view is now Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind generally accepted hence trust busting heavy state regulation the reuirement for too big to fail intervention Monopoly is a stage of capitalism we ve come to accept it and Lenin chose to fight against it Lenin believes again rightfully so that members of an industrial and productive monopoly will begin to sit on the board of directors intermingle with and holds strong ties with monopoly banks or those thatarner profit via Finance Capital Again this is no surprise today "If you analyze who sits on the board of most of Wall Street s banks along with GE Lockheed " you analyze who sits on the board of most of Wall Street s banks along with GE Lockheed Shell etc you ll find the same names cropping up Thus there is no real democracy in this free market there is influence and oligarchy A financial oligarchy to be preciseThis oligarch will then be sure to Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus guarantee that finance capital works in its interest and prevents up and comers from usurping their position or even damaging their position as the newest Monopoly Man Moreover whereas the Capitalism of Marx s period was obsessed with exporting commodities once all colonies are fully colonized and the territory is fully seized by the state finance capital enters through the back door hell maybe even the front sometimes armed ie with the state police or US military on its side to cease exporting commodities and begin to export capital Capital will serve as the catalyst for production in the colony where the colony will begin to do the exporting of raw materials as backed by finance capital from a hegemon albeit Lenin doesn t use this term and ship the resources back to the hegemon while paying interest on the finance capital lent to it Thus Imperialism is what follows successful colonization Again check out what the US was doing in Latin America after WWII and the Middle East now and it s hard to deny Lenin s claimsThere is a new development though in Capitalism a negation of imperialism if you will Now the oligarch doesn t just shift from board to board acting in its own interest but it shifts from board to board to regulation agency to seat in congress to cabinet position in the White House etc using all these various outlets to act in the interest of monopoly capital This is now known as the revolving door phenomena in Washington Henry Paulsonoes from Goldman Sachs to Secretary of Treasury to a private closed door meeting with Wall Street s oligarchy constantly acting in the interest of finance capital to name one example Of course I doubt any of this would surprise Lenin and it shouldn t surprise anyone else either only offend them The Essentials The economics of Imperialisma Monopoly Capitalism stage of concentrated production reached in late 19th century as it dominates profitability efficiency resilience during capitalist crises while controlprofit remains private Petty bourgeoisie want To Return To Free Competit Inside The Thicket Of Familiar return to free competit Inside the thicket of familiar polemic are some thought provoking and still relevant insightsIn the 1990s I used to read The Globe and Mail and one of my favorite contributors was Donald Coxe who had a column in the business section Coxe is an investment analyst and he manages one or mutual funds of his own Recently I was reading Erely as capitalist labour would have no choice but to join the Communist revolution in Russia GREAT IDEAS Throughout history some books have changed the world They have transformed the way we see ourselves and each other They have inspired debate dissent war.