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I loved this book Simple as that It started uite slowly with kids poaching fish in a Scottish burn lambs being fed on a farm and friends bickering over the things which seem important when you e ten And because I was brought up somewhere a bit similar I stuck with it for a few chapters but then it for a few chapters But then the gentle writing got under my skin the story heated up and I was gripped I had started Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen reading it without preconceptions without eveneading the blurb a great way to The Jive Talker read any book if you can manage it so I m not going to say much about the plot but I will say that it s about two children in a Scottish village and twoare birds about eal death and Imagined Death About Secrets And Community And death about secrets and community and another child in another village This story s wings spread all the way from Scotland to Africa just like the osprey s annual migration I started crying on page 100 and barely stopped blowing my nose after that But I enjoyed every minute of it This was a beautiful and touching storyThe blurb on the back made it seem vaguely fantasy ishbut that wasn t the case I may not have purchased this to ead aloud to my little one had I known so I m truly purchased this to ead aloud to my little one had I known so I m truly of my mistakeBasically it is the story of two young Scottish children discovering an endangered osprey has mad their backyard its home There is great joy in the story and also great loss My daughter would beg for one chapter after each one ended forcing hers. The majestic Osprey is an endangered bird that hasn’t been seen in Scotland for years so when Iona McNair locates an Osprey nest she’s desperate to keep the bird safe from poachers She shares her secret with her classmate Callum and the two become friends as they work to sa. Elf to stay awake and listen her eyes fever BRIGHT IN HER TIRED LITTLE FACE AND I FOUND in her tired little face And I found delighted to indulge her every time Sky Hawk is set in a small farming village in Scotland It starts with a meeting between three boys who seem at first to be uite irritating and childish especially Rob who is a bit OF A SHOW OFF AND IONA A GIRL WHO a show off and Iona a girl
returned to the village to with her grandfather who is almost an outcast in the villageCallum and Iona form a deep bond of friendship Callum has the strength of mind to stand up to his friend to defend Iona and she then shares an amazing secret with him about a wild creature that is living on his father s farm Callum and Iona become very close friends and together they will do anything to protect the beautiful creature What I loved most about Sky Hawk was the chance to ead about children whose lives are very different from mine because they live in a Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy remote place where they are free tooam together Also I especially liked the section of the book which are like are diary or log They are written in italics and are all about the Osprey The writing is very vivid like poetry and could make a lovely description writing session in English ating 35 the first third was too bland for this book to merit a solid 4 starsIt s taken seven years for me to stumble across this author According to the inside back cover she is a former veterinarian living in the UK This. Ve the Osprey they’ve named Isis They’re able to get the bird tagged by a preservationist but after Isis flies to Africa for the winter her signal becomes stagnant then lost Spurred by a promise to Iona who has fallen ill Callum is determined to track and save Isis and a le.
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Book was influenced by her passion for wildlife and the inspirational people she met during her travels as a vet In many ways her writing eminds me of books by Jean Craighead GeorgeThe focus here is on ospreys an endangered species in Scotland An aerie is discovered by 11 year old kids who are enchanted by the birds As is described in the GR summary the osprey is fit with a satellite transmitter which allows the kids to follow the osprey s activities locally as well as on its wintering grounds Yes this is set in the present day complete with computers internet access digital cameras cell phones and dirt bikes As far as I know JCG never included phones and dirt bikes As far as I know JCG never included tech gadgets in her storiesI will watch for other books by Lewis Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis is about a boy named CallumOne day he meets Iona who tells him an incredible secretOspreys are living in the woods beside his farmOspreys are endangered and are protectedHe and Iona Make A Promise To make a promise to the ospreys a secret but when Iona dies and the female osprey dissapears halfway through her migration will Callum be able to save the female osprey or will she disapearI picked this book up because I wanted to see if the books by Gill Lewis were good and they wereI finished Sky Hawk because it was one of the best books that don t have alot fo action I ve ever Das überforderte Gehirn: Mit Steinzeitwerkzeug in der Hightech-Welt readI wouldecommend this book to people who likes to ead books that are heart warming because this one wa. Ap of faith and the magic of e mail connects him with a girl in Gambia who can help him make good in ways than one Set against the dramatic landscapes of Scotland and West Africa this is a timeless tale of hope and friendship a heartwarming novel infused with the beauty of natu. .