The Informer (READ)

P party work only to revert to their original callings Leaders were betrayed assassinated jailed The long dream of independence came to life but in a fog of disappointment and disillusion When the dust settled all the brilliant men lay dead O Flaherty has set his novel in the politico criminal underworld of this period with a large dollop of tha My favorite character name in all literature GypoWe Irish do not like to forgive It is our constant undoing Was reminded by a NYT article in today s paper on the newest Irish prime minister that I had read this book long ago This story is a modern tragedy the seeming futility of Frankie McPhillp s proto IRA terrorism against the British occupiers and the ignorance and poverty of Gypo Nolan s sad tag along fealty to Frankie s cause that leads him to a Judas like betrayal of his friend that costs Frankie his life This is a really taught spare narrative with great character development at least of Gypo Even though ou know the outcome from the ge I don t know when Irish literature took a somber negative depressing turn but The Infomer is a classic of that genre Brilliantly written the story of big clumsy Gypo who informs on his best childhood and adult pal and the conseuences of this Horrible Act Betrayal act of betrayal s all I can say without giving up the story By the way I believe that Gypo is short for Gypsy or a disreputable person so probably pronounced like Jippo It s a short read and well worth the small but emotional effort it takes to read It has to be one of the great novels of Irish and English literature After reading some of the reviews it is possible that ou have to be Irish to understand the book others seem to think it unreal It was and is real Get used to it. F Gypo an ex policeman who takes blood money for betraying his friend and comrade O'Flaherty has created a force from whom no one is saf. On his neighbor as the culprit in a well known murder of a public official In the next scene the murderer is tracked down and killed by the police For his services Gypo is paid 20 poundsFor the rest of the novel his shame and guilt is made real as he grapples with the moral weight of his difficult choice He is tracked down by the Irish officials who would like to remind the Informer of their code of silence he is reminded of the family that has now lost somebody and he is reminded of his own actions in the rebellion and how they certainly suggest his lawful act is not exactly honorable And of course he s haunted by himselfThis is an interesting novel in a lot of ways In one sense it directly grapples with the disconnect between morality and lawfulness and asks the uestion of what happens when those might not be on the same side It also presents the careful logic of colonialism in inexact terms It s an early example of colonized people talking backIt s also a suspense novel and one that is interesting in concept than in reading I was curious about this one for a long time and while I like the moral complexities of the novel I am not so impressed by the actual writing A procession of events dragged down by am not so impressed by the actual writing A procession of events dragged down By The Informer Ultimately The Informer ultimately due to the weight it fails to convey the tension it ultimately cannot produce Beautiful passages are wasted by unnatural characters multifaceted motivation and political ambiguity are possessed not by humans but by the shades of their actions dooming this novel to the cardboard depth of these characters Fenian Hulk Finks on Friend Fatally Fails to FleeIn the confused political situation in Ireland between 1916 and 1925 all kinds of ideologies competed common criminals took Informer is an enthralling revolutionary drama of the Dublin underworld and inspired the classic John Ford film In the ominous figure .

This was a sad tale of treachery and revenge set during the civil war There is a sort of stream of consciousness civil war There is a sort of stream of consciousness appearing and a nod to Joyce without the full commitment of a modernist style Starting on this one for a Modern Irish Novel course Funnily enough a good friend of mine lent it to me out of the blue just before the semester started saying merely that it read uickly and well Next thing I know it s the lead off book for the course Irish kismet there it isLooking forward to it Comments to follow Read this as high school reuired given it was a school full of Irish Catholic descendants it made sense A sad and haunting to me storyof temptation loyalty betrayal and redemption set in 1920 s post CivilWar Dublin An enduring lamentation of The Troubles Gypo Nolanex REBEL JUDAS IS ONE OF THE TRULY TRAGIC judas is one of the truly tragic characters literature An important book for me Finds itself in my rotation of re reads Gypo Nolan is the informer of the title Following the Irish Civil War Gypo betrays his friend Frankie and turns him in to the police for a murder Frankie committed Gypo s life is then at risk and he must protect himself from his former comrades all of whom are pretty teed of at what he didThere s a John Ford directed movie of this book that I d be curious to see The story was fine but I have a feeling the movie particularly directed by Ford would be better And I m curious to see if the ending will remain the same In any case I ve been sort of neglectful of Irish authors as many of them have disappointed me most recently Donleavy s The Ginger Man Surely they re not all so craptastic Not the biography of the rapper Snow this Irish novel from the 1920s is about Gypo Nolan a former Irish rebel who informs. The Informer is a story in which terror and treachery reign supreme as O'Flaherty unfolds his urban masterpieceSet in 1920's Ireland The. The Informer