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on the and how can it not be when you are looking at two supervillains navigating their way through parenthood and romance The wonderfully adversarial relationship between Addison and Shane creates a dark comedy of errors inside of a top secret society that may or may not be on the side of the world outside of its nefarious influence Unlike many romances neither Addison nor Shane are likeable characters their evil natures tempered only by their interaction with their children and the dysfunctional family life they manage within their relationship There are few characters who are ood people in Strange Little Band save for perhaps Svetlana and Teague Both Addison and Shane are selfish people who seek out their successes at the expense of Others And Aren T Afraid To Use and aren t afraid to use abuse those around them with their alien and psychic powers respectivelyThe main crux of the story is the often rocky process by which Shane and Addison discovering they do in fact have souls Their children are selfless and understanding a wholly alien outlook to their own parents and thus become teachers in how to et back those components of their humanity they had lost The fault perhaps lies in Triptych Corp a mysterious entity that blends both science and magic within it manipulating those within a mysterious entity that blends both science and magic within it manipulating those within employ and enslaving those who are weak within it There is a ood descr. Oration Their insular lives are disrupted when due to Triptych's machinations they. I have a lovehate relationship with this book but in the end I liked it a lot Description Shane and Addison two brilliant and egotistical psychics fall for each other hard after being brought together by their corporate overlords breeding program A tumultuous and tortured love affair spanning 12 years ensuesThe Good STRANGE LITTLE BAND is probably the strangest little IR romance I ve ever read and I really dug it It s kind of like DR WHO meets RED DWARF meets Wolfram and Heart the evil corp from the ANGEL series meets DAYS OF OUR LIVES I liked all of those programs so I was sold from the start And I couldn t download the rest of the novel fast enough after reading the sample It was really interesting to read a romance embedded inside an action filled family drama and I love that the heroine has an even stronger sexual appetite than the hero Seriously I wanted this to be a TV series so bad that I m having a bit of trouble not remembering it as suchThe Bad Shane calls Addison bitch and whore than he calls her by her actual Bad Shane calls Addison bitch and whore than he calls her by her actual For some readers this will be really off putting There s total overuse of the word smirked and you re either oing to love or hate how involved Addison s s total overuse of the word smirked and you re either Blue Guide going to love or hate how involved Addison s kidset with the storyThe Naughty Steamy Shape shifting sex psychic sex sex with multiple partners foursomeEditing issues Minor I counted six typosPublisher TripTych LLCLength 366 pagesFinal Grade A Happy ReadingTheodora from IRbookreviewscom Addison and Shane two self centered psychics work for the cut throat Triptych Corp. Strange Little Band

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never clear this is secondary to the main focus of the story which is the relationship between Addison and Shane As was said the story is mainly a love story between two very bad people who use and manipulate others at will It s an interesting point of view like seeing how a master villain and his relationships play out on a day to day basis Though they are unlikeable we stick to watching Shane and Addison playing with these new feelings of care because we understand that they are finally learning an important aspect of their humanity The ability to love It could be argued that they are already than halfway there with their feelings for their children but the bringing someone not of your blood into your relational clan is no easy thing for either character and realising that hurting someone emotionally is a self destructive weapon is a huge step in the developement of their humanity Empathy may not be a ood trait for a supervillain to cultivate but it certainly makes for some darn hot and sexy conflict That was some read If you want to read a full review check the Bitten by Books Website Will List website will list casting choices in case a brave filmmaker takes this one onZachary uinto as Shane Myers Naomie Harris as Addison Harris Madison Pettis as Ashlynn Harris Noah Gray Cabey As Jake Cabey as Jake Become unlikely parents How can they raise a child when they can't trust each oth.