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One of the love interest guys eyes both times it comes up Aside from that the writing is fairly tight and it makes for a fast readThere were nitpicky things though such as tight and it makes for a fast readThere were nitpicky things though such as bit where Lily mentioned having a thing with snakes This kept coming up and kept coming up but didn t resolve until late in the story with a flow shattering expository assage The descriptions for Max s eyes didn t sit right with the rest of a flow shattering expository City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York passage The descriptions for Max s eyes didn t sit right with the rest of story The first time could have beenassed off as Lily being caught off guard at seeing him again but the second time just felt out of The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 place It seems a bit funny but Hexes and Hemlines could have also safely dropped a good deal of the talk about magic It got to aoint where it almost felt like Blackwell thought her audience would forget that Lily s a witch if they weren t reminded every few Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pages The repetition took something away from it for me so it wound up feeling like a clue by four hanging over everyroblemAll said Hexes and Hemlines is a decent weekend mystery It s not terribly memorable but it s also a fun uick read I doubt that I would read another book in this series but I would give a non magic mystery series by Blackwell a try I m giving this one a three out of five for being entertaining if somewhat forgettable Oh I m just so in love with this series I ick up a book and just read it right through Although the witchcraft is a bit on the odd side the characters are engaging and fun they are multilayered very few all good or all bad guys here As in real life there are many shade of gray Oscar the familiar is just entrancing as well Hexes and Hemlines A Witchcraft Mystery 3 by Juliet Blackwell Is A Fun Cozy Witchy Mystery I Like Blackwell is a fun cozy witchy mystery I like supernatural and it is a nice break for the heavier books to read a cozy book once in a while so this is erfect It is a easy and fun read that kept me entertained. Bad luck laguing all its members she begins to wonder if there's at work than mere coincidence And while there aren't many clues from the crime scene Lily finds evidence of dark witchcraft and a hex on her friend's doorstep With her friend's safety at stake Lily is determined to use magic to find the murderer before everyone's luck runs out. ,

Upernatural witchy mystery is just what I need when I have read too Many Heavy Books In A Row And heavy books in a row and Blackwell s Witchcraft Mysteries fit the bill to a teeI love San Francisco and what better town for the shenanigans of a spunky witch her Learner Strategies in Language Learning piggargoylegoblin familiar an unwillingsychic a uestionable warlock a sceptic Dangerously Placed police officer as well as an unbelieving journalist Add in a great secondhandvintage clothing store and you ve got a great setting and host of characters for a cozy mysteryThis one is a bit slower than the first two but the reader is given a bit in way of character development and back stories of those characters We are starting to see why Lily hasn t finished her training why Max is so sceptical Sailor s story is also coming to light as well as Bronwyn s and Oscar s Love these characters and I am looking forward to 4very slight spoilerBeing a huge cat lover I wish Lily had found a way to keep the cat Lily Ivory isulled away from her vintage clothing store Aunt Cora s Closet to give the Just Destiny police a witch s take on a strange crime scene Rationalist Malachi Zazi has been found stabbed to death in his apartment surrounded by symbols of the very bad luck he was trying to disprove When a suspect from his own Serpentarian Society is identified by theolice Lily is shocked to find that it s someone she knows As bad luck strikes all of the Serpentarian Society members Lily begins to wonder if it s coincidence or if something darker is in layJuliet Blackwell s Hexes and Hemlines is one of those light s coincidence or if something darker is in layJuliet Blackwell s Hexes and Hemlines is one of those light that are erfect for a summer beach read or a slow weekend The murder lot gets a bit lost in Lily worrying about her shop and her employees as well as descriptions of various vintage clothes that were lost on me There were also a few nitpicky little things like the author taking a full Help Me, Jacques Cousteau paragraph to describe. Malachi Zazi was stabbed to death in his apartment under a ladder surrounded by the number thirteen a broken mirror and a black cat superstitions that the victim as head of a rationalist society was devoted to discreditingWhen theolice identify a suspect from the Serpentarian Society Lily is shocked to learn it's someone she knows But with. This series is so addicting I m speeding right through them Juliet Blackwell has a new follower in me so glad she found me I started this series because I absolutely loved her TWO LATEST BOOKS THE PARIS KEY latest books The Paris Key Letters from Paris To my delighted kiddy witchy surprise it turned out she has a series whose Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen protagonist is a Witch a white Witch named Lily Ivory Perfect reading for this time of the year don t you think Halloween is my favorite Holiday So much to love about Lily Ivory Her background her vintage shop Cora s Closet her mentors her friends her love of gardening and herbs and the men in her life Aidan Sailor and Max oh the men But my most favorite character is her familiar Oscar who has actually made me laugh out loud with his antics The stories are all set in San Francisco Iersonally have never been to San Francisco but after reading three of her books I ve bumped it up to the top of my travel bucket list Grabbing a cup of java at Coffee to the People in The Haight must surely be a one of a kind experience Each book starts with a mystery and ends with a mystery setting it up for the next book in the series I love that The downfall is that when I m finished with the series what am I to do I am fascinated by the inclusion of so many details about The Book of Mordred paranormal activity and the craft I know it is a fictional book but can t help being intrigued and wonder how close to the truth it all isI am truly enjoying the series A uick and easy readnice change oface and get away from the norm for me So far the only NEGATIVE ARE THE COVERSA LITTLE TOO are the coversa little too I would have not chosen the book by it s cover had I not read The Paris would have not chosen the book by it s cover had I not read The Paris which I did choose because of the coverThis review is based on the first three books in the seriesstay tuned for the rest I don t know what it is about this series but I get a kick out of it A cozy With her vintage clothing store taking off Lily Ivory is finding that life in San Francisco suits her just fine But her ability to sense vibrations from the Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide past so useful in locating secondhand gems has landed her in the middle of a new mysteryLily gets called away from Aunt Cora's Closet when theolice need a witch's take on a strange case.

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