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Ll remains an influential figure particularly in regards to the short story form English Cathedral ItalianoThis collection of twelve stories by Raymond Carver is the perfect example of how to compromise the reader s frame of mind by talking about daily events Thanks also to a minimal prose Carver has the reat virtue of uessing than any other author that the everyday and the ordinary such as a home accident a watch robbery or even the death are the most familiar events that bind us to life The result is an emotional earthuake in the reader Among the twelve short novels in my opinion A Small Good Thing deserves a special

an absolute masterpiece of unnatural for the record a short story can tell THAN A THOUSAND NOVELSVOTE 9LA RACCOLTA a thousand novelsVote 9La raccolta dodici racconti di Raymond Carver rappresenta l esempio perfetto di come mettere in subbuglio l animo del lettore parlando di fatti uotidiani Grazie anche ad una prosa semplice e minimale Carver ha il rande pregio di intuire pi di ogni altro autore che il uotidiano e l ordinario come un incidente domestico il furto di un orologio o la morte stessa sono uanto di pi familiare ci lega alla vita Il risultato un terremoto emotivo in chi legge Una menzione speciale merita per me Una cosa piccola ma buona capolavoro assoluto di innaturale perfezionePer la cronaca un racconto pu dire pi di mille romanziVoto Di straordinaria intensità emotiva ambientati in sale d'aspetto vagoni di treno salotti modesti e corsie d'ospedale alcuni dei uali sono stati trasposti in America Oggi il film di Robert Altman vincitore del Leone d'Oro a Venezia. ,
CathedralOne day the refrigerator breaks Small Good Thing PARENTS ARE DEALING WITH THE HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT are dealing with the hit and run accident their seven year old boy comfort to be found in the most unexpected place This is an extended version of The Bath found in What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Really not sure which one I love Careful an alcoholic man s ears are blocked and his ideas of acceptable behaviour change with each swig of the champagne bottle Fever one of the optimistic stories I mentioned earlier this tale is about how a newly single father struggling to accept the abandonment of his wife sees that even if love ends badly it was still love Cathedral my absolute favourite of the collection A blind man teaches a sighted man new ways to see I personally couldn t see for tears by this line on the last page It was like nothing else in my life up to nowA few nerdy notes to mention The Compartment is a seuel to a previous Carver story Put Yourself in My Shoes And The Train is a seuel to John Cheever s story The Five Forty Eight I really can t say how I feel about Raymond Carver without etting all sloppy and sentimental But I will say I felt welcome here welcomed into the crux of the lives depicted in his pages through his very accessible prose uided by his expert hand lives depicted in his pages through his very accessible prose Karma's A Sexy Bitch: Choose Your Own Erotic Fantasy Adventure guided by his expert hand with the contents of his heart I m solad Raymond Carver lived and wrote There s a reason why he sti. Rsonaggi comuni e raccontate in uno stile limpido e potente hanno conuistato nel corso degli anni i lettori di tutto il mondo e ispirato un'intera enerazione di scrittori Cattedrale è considerato il suo capolavoro dodici racconti.

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This book changed my life "Sent Me On My Way "me on my way becoming a writer and uite literally was the reason my irlfriend and becoming a writer and uite literally was the reason my This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World girlfriend andot together Yeah Soul mates Me and Carver A very interesting short showcasing a blind man who doesn t let his blindness limit him in any way Turns a skeptic who was uncomfortable about his blindness into a man who lesrns by the Scouts gift of touch There are many different ways of seeing and not all use sight Dreams you know are what you wake up from My heart is in my throat after finishing this magnificent collection I ve spent most of the day reading these stories as I can t think of anything else I d rather do This is both Carver s third collection and the third one I ve read This time his work was published without the ruthless editorial hand of Gordon Lish which is evidenced by longer detailed stories It feels like Carver was stretching his legs a bit here with prettyreat results Some of the stories are semi autobiographical and many are dark But there are a few that have a softer affirming feel a small light in the darkness They are all excellent but here are the standouts for me Chef s House a sobered up alcoholic invites his estranged wife to spend the summer with him in a rented house we see how precarious his sobriety is Preservation an out of work man takes to the couch paralysed and trapped while his wife despairs and works until. L'opera più importante e celebrata di Raymond Carver 55000 copie venduteRaymond Carver è unanimemente riconosciuto come un classico della letteratura americana del Le sue storie di esistenze normali popolate da pe.