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Truman Capote died at age 59 in 1984 this 1988 biography by TIME writer Gerald Clarke despite a welter of Capote books concurrent with the two similar biopic movies a dozen years ago and continuing interest in the Tiny Terror this still is the best general interest bio IMO Clarke set himself 45 interesting book i The Dressmakers Gift loved it In my opinion the author assesses various aspects of hisife appropriately but eaves some areas grossly underrepresented or wrongly assessed For a concrete example of this Capote s adolescent experiences of being the victim of coerced sex by boys is playfully written off as relatively innocent forays spellcheck into sexuality Since when is coerced sex relatively innocent I guess he s thinking boys will be boys His experiences with a pedophile teacher I felt were also grossly underplayed DO NOT read this book if you are planning to read Other Voices Other Rooms author gives away story I also had an issue with authors interpretation of Other Voices I think he missed some crucial elements Enjoyed the book but found it unbalanced Read this with a critical eyeit has some glaring flaws but great nonetheless Usually biographies begin with the dutiful aboured and frankly tiresome parts the family background the growing up the education the roots and the shoots great author as 10 year old etc I always want to get past all that to the start of the action Capote is a complete exception The family circumstances the growing up the odd microscopically small place that TC grew up in which also produced another great novelist how strange can you get Harper Lee the Southern gothic trappings the Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria lurid characters the borderline crazy constantly abandoning parents and of course being gay but not just gay being outrageously effeminately screaming ueen style gay in Alabama in the 1930s and 40s and never uite growing up so that heooked eleven when he was 20 and being only 5 feet three what a story Gerald Clarke tells it beautifully Far and away that s the best part of the bookHow TC became famous was that he mooched into the New Yorker and tried to get a job and did but got fired then mooched into Harper s Bazaar a Running from Strangers ladies fashion magazine which happened also to publish aot of top short fiction and got a ittle menial job there then pushed a couple of his short stories at them which they read from kindness and then fell of their chairs and published them In those days the ate 40s and 50s short stories were big We see this when Shirley Jackson wrote The Lottery 1948 it was a major event across America very hard to believe now who the hell reads short stories now So the same thing happened with a story called Miriam by TC 1945 it s brilliant and he was 20 years old It was a smash hit After that he knocked out short stories and got busy with his first novel and started on his second and arguably important career which was charming and smarming everyone who was anyone in Manhattan The major romance between Truman and rich people was underway It was totally reuited Turns out that New York society was just waiting for a tiny Southern gay wunderkind to smother with their collective bosoms TC was the boylita of the If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India late 1940s TC s real genius was in socialisingThat part is theeast fun you can have with this biography The endless merrygoround of chichi restaurants ermine covered yachts vomitous parties ots of ittle dogs wonderful times in exotic jettery settery places throughout the planet can make the sensitive reader turn several shades of green which may be caused by envy or bilious reaction TC AND MAILER A FUN COMPARISONOne or the other was the Most Famous Living American Author from the 50s to the 80s but The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda look at the difference in terms of productivity I know we don t judge value by volume but stillTotal pages of fiction by TC counting Collected Stories Other Voices The Grass Harp Breakfast at Tiffany s In Cold Blood Music for Chameleons and Answered Prayers Approximately 1500Number of pages of one single novel by Mailer Harlot s Ghost 1170If we throw in all of TC s journalism that s another 500 pages Mailer could churn out that much in a couple of months Few giantiterary reps have been erected on such #Slender Volumes As Truman SWHAT #volumes as Truman sWHAT IN KANSASTC We would drive out to some The Tomb of Iuchiban lonely ranch or farmhouse to interview the people and almost invariably they had a television set on They seemed to keep it on twenty four hours a day They would sit there talking and neverook at us They would go on ooking straight at the TV screen even if there was just a station break or an advertisement If the Television Wasn T On If wasn t on if ight wasn t flickering they began to get the shakes I guess television has become an extension of people s nervous systemsIf ever anything demonstrated Truman s greatness the Kansas experience was it How this effete precious writer of Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) lapidary prose and frothy concoctions saw a few columns about the slaughter of a family in the mid west and thought that s my next book right there And how when he went there he took with him Harper Lee And how the people of Holcombe Kansas perceived him as a freakish dwarfish New Yorker who had come toeech off their misery and how after weeks of meeting and talking and driving and not uitting Truman won all their hearts and in his words practically became the mayor of Holcombe And of course how he wrote the book itself and got intimately involved with the murderers and having spent three years writing the book and knowing he was sitting on his greatest work and the world gagging for it throwing money at him for it and not being able to publish until there was a conclusion ie the execution of the two killers and appeal after appeal until he was creased up with the horror of wanting the appeals to fail so they could be hanged and he could publish his bookTC Will Hickock and Smith Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow live to a ripe and happy old age Or will they swing and make aot of other folks very happy indeed For the answer to these and other suspenseful uestions tune in tomorrow to your favorite radio program Western Justice sponsored by the Slow Motion Molasses Company a Kansas productClarke His entire future awaited their walk to the Big SwingTC As you may have heard the Supreme Court denied the appeals this for the third damn time so maybe something will soon happen I ve been disappointed so many times I hardly dare hopeAt the ast moment their awyer suggested to him that they might get a new trial and eventually be releasedTC And I thought yes and I hope you re the first one they bump off you sonofabitchThe whole process took six years They would write him hundreds of etters Forty two months without exercise radio movies sunshine or any physical means of occupation is a steady strain on a man s nervous system In Cold Blood was a book which inspired three entirely separate films the one with the same. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with the man who authored In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany's as well as with nearly everyone who knew him this absorbing definitive biography follows Truman Capote from his eccentric Capote A BiographyD s dad was a County officialMy grandmother and I had been to the AP That used to be a grocery store chain Do any exist any As we drove toward the traffic ight Persons backed into us My dear ady et me give you my card Why there s no need to call the police I Mi karma y yo ll be glad to take care of the damage Clearly I was carelessMy grandfather was rather perplexed that my grandmother had not called the police He grew perplexed when there was no answer at the telephone number and the address turned out to be an emptyot It took the District Attorney indicting Arch Persons for Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved leaving the scene of an accident to achieve receiving restitution in the caseYearsater as an Assistant District Attorney I went to the file storage on the unfinished seventh floor of our courthouse I kept that file with me until I retired from that office after twenty eight years of service It was a The Prime Minister of Paradise literary curiosity having Capote s file in my cabinetI began my career in juvenile court It was the prevailing thought that you started a greenawyer in Juvie where the Charlie O. and the angry A's least harm could be done and seen After all what happens in Juvie stays in Juvie It s confidential My work in juvenile court put me on the trail of child advocacy The conseuences of what happened in juvenile court were notost on me As I rose through the ranks at the DA s office I had the ability to assign senior The Sisters of Sinai lawyers to that Court which remains the policy of the office Ioved so muchSo it was my work that freuently made me wince as I read of Capote s childhood Persons was a con and a grifter His mother Lillie Mae Faulk was charmed by Persons Truman was their only child Persons traveled freuently attempting to hatch get rich schemes On the road staying in hotel after hotel Persons and his mother would eave young Truman ocked in their room while they hit the night ife of whatever ocation they happened to be in They told hotel staff not to Dark Passage let Truman out even if he screamed And he did screamPersons knew Lillie had men on the side He didn t seem to object He stopped counting at 29 affairs Of course a tryst with Jack Dempsey might haveed to a great promotional event so maybe he didn t count that oneLillie moved North to attend business school She took Truman with her Persons continued rambling around the country to grub money however he could Persons was shocked when Lillie announced she wanted a divorce She had met Cuban business man Joe Capote The child they so willingly American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare leftocked alone in strange hotel rooms became the center of a fiercely fought custody suit The unwanted child was the prize in a contest neither wanted to Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) lose But Persons didoseHaving won custody Lillie preferred spending her time with her new person rather than Truman It was convenient that the Faulk clan was available to take Truman in back in Monroeville Alabama His time there was most The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez likely the most stable period in hisife Of course we know of his beloved Cousin Sook And yes she called him BuddyPeriodically Lillie would return to Monroeville and take Truman back to New York He was a disappointment to her He was a sissy She told him soAnd back in Monroeville Arch would promise to pick up Truman and take him to the beach down at Gulf Shores Truman would have his bag packed with a new bathing suit Arch never showedJoe Capote adopted Truman It should come as no surprise that he would write his real father and tell him that he should address him as Truman Capote henceforthSensing that Capote was a sissy Lillie who had now changed her name to Nina decided military school was just what Truman needed And it was there that Truman experienced his first homosexual activities euphemistically known as belly rubbingThe Faulks Easy Breezy Miracle lived next to the Lees Amasa was aawyer Younger daughter Nelle Harper was Truman s best friend And their friendship asted until Harper Lee won a Pulitzer and Capote did not Harper Lee was of immense help in gaining entry into the homes of the residents of Garden City Kansas as no one knew what to Make Of Truman Her Work On In Cold Blood In of Truman Her work on In Cold Blood in opinion should have granted her co author status But we will never know why that did not occur Nor does Clarke explain why Harper Lee disappears from the pages of Capote s biographyAs he matured Truman seemed to choose overs most Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride likely to promote his career as a writer Most influential was Newton Arvin who mentored Truman and provided him with a formaliterary education It was Newton who promoted Capote to Random House However Newton s relationship with Capote was very controlled Capote scheduled his visits with Newton as Newton allowed Arvin did his best to hide his sexualityClarke s biography is a fine work emphasizing the significance of each of his works He charts Capote s rise to success and his climb through the social circles of New York and Europe And he charts Capote s decline with eual objectivityAfter a The Pleasant Light of Day long relationship with fellow writer Jack Dunphy Capote became increasingly addicted to pills and alcohol He entered into sexual relationships with partners his social circle saw as inferior to themThe final years were spent in repeated attempts at rehabilitation and repeated hospitalizations Capote was emphatically told he would die if he continued to drink He drank essentially ostracized by all his friends because of his betrayal of them in segments of his unfinished novel Answered Prayers I have pondered whether Capote committed aong slow suicide in the only manner he could face To be continued A very well written biography of an enigmatic figure His orbit touched many others in the art in his time His ife was sad but also intriguing His relationships with men and as interestingly the women who found something they couldn t uite define in him are well worth the readTo be an artist is to be outside the bell curve and as I often say when I present at writers conferences that doesn t mean you re on the good side of that curve Addiction is a danger for the creative As is the influence of others and our own influence on themWell worth the read Not surprisingly Truman Capote knew hundreds of famous peopleAnd Gerald Clarke introduces every single one of them with a mini bio of his or her ownUnfortunately Clarke doesn t use Capote s groundbreaking nonfiction novel techniue in this biography It often reads #Like A Textbook The Chronology #a textbook the chronology all out of whack And It Never Feels it never feels a narrativeGranted he had an astounding amount of material to work with including years of interviews with Capote and those closest to him I have no doubt this is about as comprehensive it can be But honestly it was just exhaustingSidenote It was incredibly interesting to read this and Mockingbird A Portrait of Harper Lee back to back Capote plays a huge role in Lee s biography She s just one of the masses in his I suspect that s a pretty good metaphor for their relationship too. G spirit and staggering talent but not before he'd hobnob with the ikes of Grace Paley and Lee Radziwill feud outrageously with Gore Vidal and Jacueline Susann and stage at New York's Plaza Hotel the sensational Black and White Ba. ,

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Name plus Capote plus Infamous A STRANGE OMISSIONThere s not one word about the persistent rumour that TC had a hand in the writing of To Kill a Mockingbird You might think Mr Clarke would address this curious part of the TC egend but no not a word This is an understandable canard by the way Harper Lee came out of nowhere and wrote America s favourite novel and went back to nowhere and the only thing anyone knew about her was that she co incidentally came from the same tiny tiny town and was a friend of TC who was a brilliant author And she never wrote anything else It turns out that TC had nothing to do with TKAM but of course Harper Lee had a whole basketful to do with the creation of In Cold BloodWHAT HAPPENED AFTER KANSASICB was a huge success TC got very rich and even famous because six people died horribly Well I guess every journalist makes a The Go-Between living off other people dying ICB is a great book and an original one too No one had thought that crime deserved the attention of theiterate world before Crime was previously just for fun ike Miss Marples ICB was not funAlso what happened after Kansas was a ong slow and then uick slide into oblivion He never published anything substantial again 18 years of footling around In 1967 he announced he was witing a dark comedy about high society called Answered Prayers there are tears shed about answered prayers than unanswered ones and he received 25 grand advance from the publishers and 350 grand from 20th Century Fox for the picture rights without anyone seeing a ine of it And no one did see a ine of it for many many years In 1969 Random House gave him a 750000 advance against his next three books which he didn t write His private The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy life was a series of inappropriate dumpy boring middle aged boyfriends who none of his many glamorous friends could figure out or make conversation with He became a full time drunk and pillhead Theast 100 pages of this book are a torture to read Old man Capote smokes his peyote One Deal Maker (Mixed Messages Book 2) (English Edition) little whiff and he s right back in Tiffany s Actually peyote was one drug he didn t try So there are stories about wanting to hire heavies to break his ex boyfriend segs or about threatening to sue an ex boyfriend to get the capped teeth back TC had paid for They re my teeth and I want them I want to string them on a necklace round my neck Stories about TC bragging so much about the physical ualities of his Godmanstone Blues latest boyfriend that when the said guy conked out at a party another guest went into the room where he was sprawled and unzipped him and took aook It s pretty good TC wasn t exaggerating Endless hospitalisations endless brouhahas TC incoherent on a tv chat show TC falling down in public TC crashing cars TC dead Truman Capote was an absurd Ramp Rats: A Graphic Guide Adventure little troll He was self absorbed self pitying envious and prone to alcohol abuseHe was a nosyittle gossip skilled at prying secrets out of friends and acuaintances He would then immediately dash out and dish the dirt about things he had been told in confidence As we used to say Telephone telegraph tell a Truman He hurt a My Name is Abu Salem lot of people with his wagging tongue and then drowned his sorrows in alcohol when people started excluding him from the social circles whose affection he craved One could never accuse Capote of being boring He was always creating or inserting himself into debacles and brouhahasarge and small He wanted to be known as someone who was interesting and exciting and the ife of every party When he achieved that adulation and acclaim it was never enough for him He had to Keep Coming Up With Bigger coming up with bigger and insults to keep the social spotlight focused on himself In the end he pushed people too far and died a onely manI read this book during my Spitting Daisies Communicating Through the Sunset long hiatus from Goo Dreads The notes I made upon finishing it say Ten stars Absolutely top notch So if you re interested in Capote that s about as good an endorsement as you can get from me A very well written and extensive biography of the celebrated American author Truman Capote was a very gregarious person and was always theife of any gathering or party except towards the end of his ife When he traveled whether to New York or Europe it was not to take in museums or sites but to meet the inhabitants particularly if they were famous wealthy andor notoriousAs Mr Clarke points out Truman Capote had a neglected upbringing he was abandoned by both his parents and to some extent this could account for his ater undoing At a young age he was pre determined to be a writerDue to Truman Capote s ebullient personality the book makes for an interesting read as we encounter the wide range of individuals who accompanied Truman throughout his ifeHe did favour the rich and famous and to some extent this makes for some redundancy in the book It would also seem that these rich and famous were also onely and atched onto Truman Capote in their uest for real friendship or maybe he just provided admirable entertainment Capote did exude warmth and aughter and Stumbling Giants: Transforming Canada's Banks for the Information Age liked to gossip so no secrets should have been confided to him but he was expert at extracting all these hidden parts of theirives Marlon Brando threatened to kill him after one such sess if you are going to read one book on capote this is it please excuse the hackneyed phrase but it will make you Unexpected Circumstances laugh and cry I honestly feelike i understand truman and i wish i wouldve known him uote by Truman Capote from Conversations with Capote by Lawrence GorbelThis man Gerald Clarke who s writing this book about me do you know him He s one of the Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East lead writers at Time magazine He s really a very good writer His book it better be fantastic because he s worked on it for eight years I ve never known such research This is the first book he s written I don t want to read it but he certainly knows about me than anybody else does including myself Capote Gerald Clarke s Literary BiographyIt took me a hellishlyong time to read this book Of course I was reading it in conjunction with a read of Capote s works at the same time So I would read a novel or a few short stories and I would take back up with Clarke s biographyBut that s rather an excuse Because Capote s ife is #often not a pleasant subject not from childhood up to his ast #not a pleasant subject not from childhood up to his ast ost in a fog of Vodka and drugsAnd I ve taken a hellishly Born in the Country long time to absorb what I ve read and decide what to say about this book For myife and Capote s Out of the Shadows: A Memoir life have shared certain intersections though we certainly never met The closest I came to meeting Capote was meeting his father Arch Persons I was six years oldYes Capote s fatherived in Tuscaloosa Alabama for some time Older goodreads members may remember a time when penny scales were in front of seemingly every business Persons had those scales in our town A friend told me he also raised Pekingese puppies In fact Persons gave his family one But my frien. Hildhood in Alabama to the heights of New York society Featuring many photographs this book also candidly recounts a gifted and celebrated writer's descent into the ife of alcohol and drugs that would ultimately consume his bulldo. ,