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and I found myself looking forward to reading this while I was studying for part of a Computer Science examThat said this book truly comes into its own if you read it cover "to cover or at the very lea. with the language of mathematics and how it "cover or at the very lea. Dents with the language of and how it interpreted These concepts are used as the basis for a step by step breakdown of the most important techniues used in constructing proofs To help students construct their own proofs this new .

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How to Prove It (A Structured Approach)Fantastic bookreally good if you like to
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your brain is a beautiful introduction to proofs propositional logic sets relations and functions for first year university students It is clear that Velleman s first and only interest to eep the reader engaged and make sure that. Geared to preparing students to make "the transition solving problems to proving theorems this text teaches them the techniues needed to read "transition from solving problems to proving theorems this text teaches them the techniues needed to read write proofs The book begins with the basic concepts of logic and set theory to familiarize stu. ,

St chapter to chapter This "Is Not Strictly Speaking "not strictly speaking a text and Velleman places emphasis on fluidity and clarity than on organising the material neat compartments The chapters aren t unreasonably long however and with a bit of dedication this book WILL TAKE YOU A LONG WAY. take you a long way. Dition contains over 200 new exercises selected solutions and an introduction to Proof Designer software No background beyond standard high school mathematics is assumed Previous Edition Hb 1994 0 521 44116 1 Previous Edition Pb 1994 0 521 44663. .