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His translation to all with a serious interest in the uranProf Hamid AlgarAs a person who was part of a team that worked on a translation I was often asked during this process what translation I recommend What I want to do in this video is first talk about two translations that i do recommend and i translations that I do recommend and I often recommended which are those by A J Arberry and The One By Ali Uli Arai I Really Found This one by Ali uli arai I really found this uli arais translation to be uite xcellent and I was really surprised when I came upon it because hardly anybody has spoken about it One of the great things about this translation for somebody who is learning Arabic is that the translation has Arabic right next it but it has it phrase by phrasenot just the whole verse but the xact phraseis next to the xact Arabic So if you are studying Arabic you can use this very well to identify the xact translation and the Arabic It isaccurate andconsistent than almost any other translation andaccurate than Arberry in fact I dontt think I found any passage where I could say that Ali uli arai made an gregious mistakeProf Joseph Lombard member of the team of translators of The Study ur'an in a video talk. .

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This is the th Edition and th revised version of this translationThe is in is in own words light which means that it self manifesting with no need of an xternal source of illumination; other things need light to become visible and manifest With it God guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of visible and manifest With it God guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of and brings them out from darkness into light by His will and guides them to a straight path Of course the urn is not an xception among revealed scriptures in that it is a source of light and guidance According to the uran so were the Torah and the Gospel scriptures given to Moses and Jesus All scriptures of Divine origin are a source of light and guidanceNothing isimportant for man than the knowledge of the very Source of reality Any knowledge that is not informed with this awareness is just a kind of ignorance All ffort that does not derive from this knowledge is ultimately fated to nd in futility and failure The urn claims to be the most reliable source of this knowledge and the best guide for human ndeavour It teaches that the Source of being is also the chief Source of guidanceExpert Opinions About This TranslationThis is. .

A wonderful translation It is both faithful and fluent The translator has struck a nice balance here It is a real improvement over xisting translationsDr Muhammad LegenhausenWhat arai has accomplished has
struck a nice 
a nice here It is a real improvement over xisting translationsDr Muhammad LegenhausenWhat arai has accomplished a revival of the art of translation as an adjunct to the understanding of the original skillfully adapted to the needs of the English speaking student of the uran He has opted always for the maximum degree of closeness to the Arabic compatible with comprehensibility thereby coordinating translation with original in the most substantial of waysAlthough arai nvisions his translation as a paraphrase of the uranic meanings as a tool for gaining access to the original it must be stressed that his translation reads xtremely well ven if regular cross reference to the Arabic not be the purpose of the readerThe language arai has chosen is clear chaste straightforward and dignified distant from both the archaisms and the modernisms that have been affected by other English translators of the uran It is plain indeed that a serious and profound appreciation of the uranic message has animated the whole of arais successful labours We warmly recommend. ,
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