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Is a book on speed that shows the correct way *Many For Me That *pluses for me that gotta rate 5 starshere in the uk on our all tracks its awesomehad at all sorts of pricesso far in 5 weeks ive rated 9 races and heres the results nothing added or left outresults for the books top 3 ratings in ach racewon 101 2nd 72 3rd 52 had the xacta 5131 trifecta paid 17730won 74won 52 2nd 91 3rd 31 ALL IN CORRECT ORDER IN FACT I RATED 5 CONTENDERS IN THE RACE AND 4TH AND 5TH WERE RATED IN CORRECT ORDER xacta 810 csf 2564 trifecta 26503rd 61won 64 2nd 121 xacta 1870 csf 2166unp3rd 101won 201 3rd 92 this. A Carroll then presents a detailed analysis of how horses run at different racing distances leading to a uniue approach for developing speed figures and how to use them in a betting strategy The appendix contains the actual computer code for an arly version of Speed Handicapper TM softwareAndrew Beyer ,

Charles Carroll knows his subject and knows how to communicate *Written in 1991 the book contains xcellent insights and is a good read It is unfortunate that neither the body *in 1991 the book contains xcellent insights and is a good read It is unfortunate that neither the body the book nor the appendix contains adeuate information concerning the results of his study of the initial segment of uarter Horse races specially the 50 yard times that are referenced but not uantififed This was for my husband since he loves horses He is really njoying reading it good condition good reading should be in your racing library In its day a good resource for speed but still has some ssential nuggets right here. Handicapping Speed is an in depth analysis of speed in horse racing and how speed can be used in handicapping It presents a detailed description of how time is measured in horse racing and factors such as Track Constantsdefined for the first time by Carroll which
affect understanding of published dat. ,
Result hurt as the fav finished 2nd and xacta paid 164 what might have been 1st and 3rd won 51 2nd 94 The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis exacta 1760 csf 1731thus far 69 66% with winners at 101 74 52 64 201 51 stake 27 returns 4675 73% clear profit on the single win bets alone 4xacta s and 2 trifecta s too boot as well and a near miss of a huge xactacan it get any better yes i think it can by being selective as the majority of the losing races have had speed ratings tightly clustered meaning in my yes *The Race Is Too *race is too and too close to call bloody fantastic can you see why i like the book and urge you to have a little ponde. Escribed it as One of the most thoughtful and literate books on horse racing Beyer on Speed p James uinn devoted an ntire chapter to it in his book The Best of Thoroughbred Handicapping It has also been praised by Tom Brohammer Howard Sartin Michael Pizzolla and other professional handicappers and write. .

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