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The phenomenal new book from The International Bestselling Author Of Big Short The Election international bestselling author of The SHORT THE ELECTION AND THEN THERE WAS RADIO SILENCE The election And then there was radio silence morning after Trump was elected president the people who ran the US Department of Energy an agency that deals with some of the most powerful risks facing humanity waited to welcome the incoming administration s transition team Nobody appeared Across the US government the same thing happened nothi. ,

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The Fifth Risk: Undoing DemocracyNgPeople don t notice when stuff goes That is the stuff government does It manages Everything That Underpins Our Lives From Funding that our lives from funding school meals to policing rogue nuclear activity to predicting extreme weather events It steps in where private investment fears #to tread innovates and creates knowledge assesses extreme #tread innovates and creates knowledge assesses extreme term risk And now government is under attack By its own leadersIn The Fifth Risk Michael Lewis reveals th. E combustible cocktail of wilful ignorance and venality that is fuelling the destruction of a country s fabric All of this Lewis shows exposes America and the world to the biggest risk of all It is what ou never learned that might have saved ouMichael Lewis the what ou never learned that might have saved Three Cups of Tea youMichael Lewis the author of The Undoing Project Liars Poker Moneyball The Blind Side and The Big Short among other works lives in Berkeley California with his wife and three childre.