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Paying the LandReally have enjoyed reading this new style of writing ie Graphic novel in comic strip format Educational content very well written authentic and important information Loved this Signed it our from the library and just had to own it I owe Joe Sacco an apology I ve always been a big fan of his work I think I have everything he s ever ublished but when I saw the title and what this book was about I figured Here we go Another story about the evil white man Here we go Another story about the evil white man capitalism destroying the ways and life of the noble indian But I should have known better I forgot that Sacco is a real journalist not another echo chamber journalist spoon feeding a narrative to his base He writes and draws of course with nuance and brilliance He shows both sides of the difficult decisions that first nations of the north have to come to grips with when it comes to finding the balance between adopting western values through the capitalistic gains of oil and gas and The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! preserving the culture that residential schools ripped out of their lives throughhysical mental and sexual abuse Not to mention the double dealing and double speak of corporations and oliticians that they ve had to deal with for hundreds of Years Not That Every Not that every man in NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2020 BY THE NEW YORK TIMES THE GUARDIAN THE BROOKLYN RAIL THE GLOBE AND MAIL POP MATTERS COMICS BEAT AND PUBLISHERS WEEKLYFrom the heir to R Crumb and Art Spiegelman Economist a masterful work of comics journalism about indigenous North America resource extraction and our debt to the natural worldThe Dene have lived in the vast Mackenzie River Valley since time immemorial by their account To the Dene the land owns them not the the vast Mackenzie River Valley since time immemorial by their account To the Dene the land owns them not the way around and it is central to their livelihood and very way of being But the sub. His book is evil And not that every native in this book is erfect either They re all human Hence the nuance Something we sorely need in s world of childlike IDEOLOGY PERHAPS IT S BECAUSE I Perhaps it s because I Canadian Or it s just that good But I think this is his greatest work to date Well done sir To me this is not Sacco s best that was Gorazde but it does show that multiculturalism does not work My impression throughout the book was that the indigenous eople wanted everything They wanted the best of Western culture and they wanted something of an imaginary culture that existed many generations ago When they were attempting to act in line with their indigenous culture they still used Western clothes drove Western vehicles and used Western weapons For a long time I have thought multiculturalism is a failed idea This is good evidence for that Rolling Thunder position As a Canadian I certainly can t beroud of what has happened but I am immensely grateful for Joe Sacco to bring his investigative journalism to the issue The level of bias for either side in most of the reporting I have seen or heard has made it hard to try understand the truth of the issues I certainly understand the issues much better now and feel I can be far Arctic Canadian Northwest Territories are home to valuable resources including oil gas and diamonds With mining came jobs and investment but also road building Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? pipelines and toxic waste which scarred the landscape and alcohol drugs and debt which deformed a way of lifeIn Paying the Land Joe Sacco travels the frozen North to reveal aeople in conflict over the costs and benefits of development The mining boom is only the latest assault on indigenous culture Sacco recounts the shattering impact of a residential school system that aimed.

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Ompassionate Joe Sacco s ability to break down and explain complicated and sensitive geopolitical issues always amazes me This time he tackles resource extraction in Canada s north and the indigenous groups caught in between As a Canadian this is an issue I am familiar with but was amazed at how much I didn t know and how nuanced of a roblem it is Beautifully drawn ages and intimate stories flesh out this graphic novel Finished it in 2 sittings If you enjoyed any of Sacco S Previous Books s Bootie and the Beast previous books ll be right at home with this one Not as hard hitting as some of his works but informative none the less I ve been a fan of Joe Sacco for a while now and it s only getting better Being from Canada we are teached at school a bit about the North West Territories but it s really vague so it s nice to have a recenterspective on what happened but also what s going on I bought this to introduce my child to a accurate version of Indigenous Canadian history The illustrations are henomenal and the stories are engrossing The author is not Canadian so I also enjoyed that as it Takes A Possible Element Of a ossible element of away for or against these stories as accurate or andering I
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this should on every Canadian arent s book shel. To remove the Indian from the child; the destructive rocess that drove the Dene from the bush into settlements and turned them into wage laborers; the government land claims stacked against the Dene Nation; and their uphill efforts to revive a wounded cultureAgainst a vast and gorgeous landscape that dwarfs all human scale Paying the Land lends an ear to trappers and chiefs activists and riests to tell a sweeping story about money dependency loss and culturerecounted in stunning visual detail by one of the greatest cartoonists aliv. ,