(PDF Scarica) [Aural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 1–3, with 2 CDs: New edition] Ò John Holmes

M exams and they needed to practise Their Aural Test Skills My Piano Playing Aural test skills My piano playing not all it might be so the CDs are very helpful and representative of the examiner s playing on the big dayIt s reassuring to know they have practised each style of uestion If they had difficulty with a particular uestion there are uite a few versions of it so we could go over them several times until they got the hang of itI am a professional musician so I know how over them several times until they got the hang of itI am a professional musician so I know how aural skills are in music for creating a rounded intuitive and useful player whether in bands or orchestrasI would recommend using these practise uestions It s easy to concentrate on the exam pieces and forget about the aural test element which can add uite a few marks on to the final score and push you up to a merit or even distinction. Many practice exercises for ABRSM exams including answers where appropriate and CD recordings of all exercis.

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Aural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 1-3, with 2 CDs: New editionProduct as described Great help with grade 1 and 2 piano "Exam Bought This To Help "Bought this to help my son for the aural part of his grade 1 clarinet exam
value for money as it be used for grades 1 3 and for any instrument great book with cds only needed the grade 3 part would like to hear a comparison between major and minor keys as it asks which the music is written in when you havenot had much practice at doing this it is Very Hard To Pick hard to pick out overall cd though works very well Very helpful excersises I ordered this book as a revision aid for my son taking Grade 1 piano It was recommended by his piano teacher and contains advice in addition to the practice sections As the book covers grades 1 to 3 it will be used again and again over the next couple of years Easy to use great. Aural Training in Practice offers valuable support to teachers preparing students for ABRSM exams It is avai. Preparation for exam and my son did pass A need for anyone taking exams the cd is a great addition if a teacher isn t available to go through the tests with you Always good to have lots of examples for the children I teach as mostly aural is not their strong point Good book If your piano teacher doesn t cover the aurals then this is a very good alternative Excellent booka very handy book for students needing to improve their aural skills Useful but it ust does what it says on the tin Very useful for any parent teacher helpinga child through the abrsm music exams Handy hints and exercises Used for daughter s grade 1 violin which she passed with flying colours and With Sons Grade 2 Piano Comes With A CD with sons grade piano Comes with a CD is great Would "highly recommend i have 2 children going in "recommend I have 2 children going in ABRS. Lable in three volumes covering Grades Grades and Grades Each volume includes teaching hints and strategies.