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As chief advisor to the emperor Nero Lucius Annaeus Seneca was most influential in ancient

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as a BEHIND THE THRONE HIS LASTING FAME DERIVES FROM HIS the throne His lasting ame derives rom his on Stoic ideology in which philosophy is a practical orm of self improvement rather than a matter of argument or wordplay Seneca s letters to a young riend advise.

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THE PHILOSOPHER THE ROMAN VALUES philosopher emphasizes the Roman values courage SELF CONTROL AND RATIONALITY YET HE REMAINS REMARKABLY MODERN control and rationality yet he remains remarkably modern his tolerant and cosmopolitan attitude Rich in epigrammatic wit Seneca s interpretation of Stoicism constitutes a timeless and inspiring declaration of the dignity of the individual min.
Seneca's Letters rom a StoicAction rather than reflection addressing the issues that confront every how To A Good achieve good how to avoid corruption and self indulgence and how to live ear of death Written in an intimate conversational style the letters reflect the traditional Stoic ocus on living in accordance with nature and accepting. .