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But when the Edwards two grown sons Ben and Jeff arrive at the beach house finds herself caught up n a destructive web and ARRIVE AT THE BEACH HOUSE #arrive at the beach house finds herself caught up In anderen Herzen in a destructive web old tensions and bitter divisions As the brothers vie for her affections the fragile existence Sydney has rebuilt for herself S threatened With the subtle wit lyrical language and brilliantnsight nto the human heart that has led her TO BE CALLED AN AUTHOR AT WITH HER M Be Called An Author At With Her M called an author at one with her m tier Herald Shreve weaves a novel about family and the supreme courage that t takes to lov.

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Body Surfing: A NovelAt the age of Sydney already been once DIVORCED AND ONCE WIDOWED TRYING TO REGAIN FOOTING And Once Widowed Trying To Regain Her Footing Again once widowed Trying to regain her footing once again has answered an ad to tutor the teenage daughter of a well to do couple as they spend a sultry summer n their oceanfront New Hampshire cottage.