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Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions: Third Edition

Beneath The Skin Inconsequential Dilemmas
Not Very tidy copy when said xcellent but used Libro majestuoso y De Lectura Obligatoria Very lectura obligatoria Very copy I Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education enjoyed reading this book I found Steinem s writing to be fluid relatable and pertinent today as much as the time of thessays Gloria Steinem s book brings together ssays on her personal biography sketches of famous women and tracts on what we might call the philosophy of feminismShe writes vividly about a past filled ually with milestones and stumbling blocks Since the book is by her and to a great The Baby Swap Miracle extent about her it came as a surprise to find so littlego in her writing It s almost as if she s writing about someone lse s views someone she knows intimately but whom she feels no need to defend or promoteIt S Arresting In 2012 To Read About arresting in 2012 to read about s ncounters with the male stablishment in the arly days of feminism when it was hard for a woman to be taken seriously Senator Abraham Ribicoff whom we may remember as a courageous liberal in many respects didn t want her to have much visibility in politics Or as he put it succinctly No broads The book is filled with surprises like that one What keeps them from being too depressing is our knowledge that Steinem didn t give up but bounced back time after time and built a brilliant careerHer chapters on famous women Marilyn Monroe Jackie O Linda Lovelace and uite a few also go several decades back in time yet are still compelling almost tear provoking Of all the ssays these are the ones you might find hardest to put down because the uniue yet credible insights keep comingI had hesitated to buy the book worrying that the ssays might come off as stale or shrill Far from it What you ll find here is a close up view of an important piece of history by one of the principals who made that bit of history happen As a new feminist I knew that this collection of ssays by Gloria Steinam was a must a new feminist I knew that this collection of ssays by Gloria Steinam was a must along with other classic feminist texts Simone de Beauvoir Gender Justice etc and modern feminist writings Jessica Valenti I started this in December and periodically got in and out of reading it sometimes because thessays were way over my head and sometimes because I didn t want to reach the Generations and Collective Memory end just yet Steinam is brilliant in a way that I hope to be some day insightful and open and witty and so amazingly right about things that I wonder how long it took her to gather her most brilliant writings and out the. An updated thirddition of the renowned feminist’s most diverse and timeless collection of ssays with a new foreword by Emma Watson Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions has sold over half a million copies since its original publication in acclaimed for its witty warm and life changing view of the world as if women mattered. .

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M into a comprehensive and very well organized book A breakdown of the contentsMy FavoritesI Was a Playboy Bunny this is a must read for anyone buying into the dia crap about how the Playboy bunnies were glamorous and well off Steinam s account wasn t thrilling or Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America exciting there were no horrifyingvents but it was honest and it God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School exposed a world that was tiring irritating cheap sleazy and completely patriarchal I read this wholessay in one breath I loved her details and how essay in one breath I loved her details and how didn t seem to have a bias She just told us the facts and let us decide for ourselvesRuth s Song Because She Could Not Sing It I was nearly brought to tears by the Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) end of thisssay It says so much about how women s mental illness was viewed in post Freudian times and how Steinam s mother once smart and capable had descended into something that no one at the time understood This must have been very motional to writeIn Praise of Women s Bodies Girls this is SO important to read It brought a smile to my face and it made me start loving myself flaws and allMen and Women Talking Very insightful I to my face and it made me start loving myself flaws and allMen and Women Talking Very insightful I about a lot of these little differences and nuances in psychology but they always seemed to be from the man s point of view This also serves as a self help section letting women know that being assertive and loud is just fine and we should in fact do it often Very helpfulErotica vs Pornography This one was hard to read but it really resonated with me Modern feminists are very sex positive and I love that but it has always been hard for me to ignore the damaging misogynistic ffects of pornography of all kinds It may seem dated to some feminists but I definitely agree with Steinam s ideasThe whole Five Women section I don t know how this didn t win some sort of writing prize This section was so well written and I will never forget reading it Five important women in our culture Marilyn Monroe Pat Nixon Linda Lovelace Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Alice Walker are xamined and revered because their stories are so widely told but not in the right way or from the right perspective I love these women I feel so much closer to them now I don t know if anyone but Steinam could instill that much motion in meThe International Crime of Genital Mutilation This one is also a tough pill to swallow but it is very important We don t think about these things Foraging for Survival enough This will get you thinkingIf. Steinem's truly personal writing is here from the now famousxposé I Was a Playboy Bunny to the moving tribute to her mother Ruth's Song Because She Could Not Sing It Her prescient Fragments essays on female genital mutilation and the difference betweenrotica and pornography that are still referenced and relevant today and the hilario. .