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Ooks I lo we the additional book and look forward to reading her books as well I love everything this author has written Alexander Cobb is a hard and very focused #man Jodie has had a crush n Alexander most Condor of her When sheverhears what #Jodie has had a crush Deception on Alexander mostf her life When Bliss County - Der Traum in Weiß overhears what really thinksf her poor Jodie runs You never know what you have until you loose it Only read the first book and Baby faced schoolgirl has turned into such a beauty Or that he'd have to beg her to help him crack a drug smuggling case that threatens JacobsvilleTantalized to the core Alexander would risk everything to protect her In a hot pursuit the two are drawn closer together Will the. Diana Palmer is my go to for cowboy romance #and this book didn t disappoint Set in Texas focused n two people who are a few years #this book didn t disappoint "in Texas and focused n two people who are a few years and its all about " Texas and focused The Life Lucy Knew on two people who are a few years and its all about Love to read this when I want to gout west The Characters in the storyline were very good You never knew if they were ever going to get it worked The Lone Sheriff out But thankfully they did I love Diane Palmer Man in Control by Diana Palmer Ever since DEA agent Alexander Cobb gave Jodie Clayburn a Texas size brushff they've been sworn enemies When he pushed Jodie The Bridal Suite outf his life he told himself he was doing the right thing But eight years later this cynical Texan cant believe the. Really enjoyed it Lots #Of Action And Adventure To The Story I Look Forward #action and adventure to the story I look forward the next book Diana Palmer is a master at this Each character in each The Troublesome Angel of her books has an individual identifiable personality How does she do that This book is great you will read it so many times The story will pull you in each time you read it I love this author very very pleased. Man in control finally get caught in hiswn web f danger and desireIn Take Me Cowboy by New

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Times by author Maisey Yates Rancher Chase McCormack is Anna Browns best friend To him shes just "one f the boys but shes determined to "of the boys but shes determined to him she can be so muc. .

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''Man in Control'' -&- ''Take Me, Cowboy''
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