The Enforcer: Enforcer Series Book 1 [Pdf Download]

Ll have my babies soon wasn t a controlling alpha male like you see in controlling Alpha male like see in werewolf books and actually was uite respectful of Tansi s wishes They both actually acted believable and enjoyable And I honestly enjoyed all their interactions I loved the story plot and ust everything about this book Would recommend Really enjoyed this book I loved this book when I read the sample on Wattpad I hope the next book is published very soon This was bad Bad grammar bad plot line bad everything Dont get me wrong i LOVE books This one wad ust not good This book was an ok read very standard fare I d read another to fill the gaps Cade is sooo sweet to Tansi and I love it The book was pretty well written and I really like that you get to see both characters POV. Nd complete the mating But what happens when the rogues attack her pack and kill her alpha Will her enforcer come back in time because the new alpha wants a mate and he has chosen Tansi.

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The Enforcer: Enforcer Series Book 1This book and its seuel are my guilty pleasure at the moment I love them are my guilty pleasure at the moment I
love them t 
them t to read all the other seuels and the other two series written by the same author Megan Fall is truly a talented writer The way she writes makes you believe same author Megan Fall is truly a talented writer The way she writes makes you believe actually part of the story living it and feeling it Absolutely love this story The Enforcer it sucked me in and i didnt want to put it down once i began Be sure to check out her other work too i would recommend anybody from Middle Teenager to Adult would enjot this story Tansi shows such amazing strength for someone who believes herself to be less than she should be and together her and cade prove it doesn t what obstacles are in your way if you love someone enough The book is amazing and I really love it First The Enforcers are a myth rumoured to be a band of powerful werewolf's that protect the packs Cade is one of the Enforcer's and the deadliest of them all Tansi a werewolf who cannot shif. Ead this a couple years on Wattpad Just Had To Buy It When Just had to buy it when characters have good depth Definitely would recommend to anyone Love this author I loved this story and had a hard time putting it down I love this story It s one of my top werewolf stories In my top 2 The characters were enjoyable and none were stupid which is so nice to see in a book It s the first of currently 3 stories the third is in the process of being made but she seems to have taken a break on it I loved Cade and Tansi How they met was so cute and I love their first encounter They didn t ump straight to You are mine and now you can t do anything without my permission so I can keep you safe and you will never talk to a boy that isn t related to you ever again and you wi. T Meets The Mythical Enforcer Cade In The Woods He Claims the mythical enforcer Cade in the woods He claims is her mate and she can't deny the pull she feels for him He leaves as he is on the trail of rogues but promises to return