This should be a 299 collection of notes book note a 25 business bookChapter 11 When to Hire Consultants 3 Screens On consultants 3 screens on phoneChapter 12 How to analyze failure 3 screensChapter 13 How to bounce back 3 screensI get it this is not the typical padded with stories business book it s a self published set of barely blog post content that s fine but it shouldn t be priced Economists with Guns: Authoritarian Development and U.S.-Indonesian Relations, 1960-1968 like it I most enjoyed the process of what he did how he did it and the outcomes of his journey from developer to CTONot a how to step by step but of a I did this in the beginning now goook for the solutions you need I m really unclear on who rated this book to have an overall average of 4 stars This was perhaps one of the worst books I ve ever read took about one hour because it is shal. I highly recommend his podcast book and the tools he has created to improve the ives of developers and CTOs Jacob Boudreau CTO of Stord Forbes 30 Under 30 Joel's book and show provide incredible insights for young startup developers and fellow CTOs alike Joel and show provide incredible insights for young startup developers and fellow CTOs alike Joel a human perspective and real practical advice on the challenges and opportunities facing every Modern CTO Christian Saucier Entrepreneur and P2P Systems Architect I've really come to respect what.

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Modern CTO

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Ook for youThis book and Joel s Accompanying Podcast Puts You The Readerlistener In podcast puts you the readerlistener in drivers seat where onus is on you to make the final decision Joel provides a holistic view of the skills and resources he has found necessary to progress through his career and he shares them in a transparent and frill ess manner It s a simple and honest sharing of his experiences in a manner that I interpreted to be meant as structure for how his hurdles were solved than a step by step guide to exactly what he didIf you find joy and #purpose in taking abstract principles and applying them to the specific hurdles that #in taking abstract principles and applying them to the specific hurdles that Face Then This Is The Book "face then this is the book you If you are Legacy The Balancer Chronicles looking for a step by step guided pathway to becoming a CTO then I m not sure this book will satisfy. En these two roles Drawing from personal experience Joel gives a refreshing take on the challengesessons and things to avoid on this journeyReaders will A Debate On Jewish Emancipation And Christian Theology In Old Berlin learn how Modern CTOs Manage deadlines Speak up Know when to abandon ship and build a better one Deal with poor code Avoid gettingost in the product and know what UX mistakes to watch out for Manage people and create momentum plus muchModern CTO is the ultimate book when making the eap from developer to Low offers no real insights or value I would debate if Joel iswas ever a CTO due to the complete Going to the Bad lack of content and examples of issues and challenges a CTO faces into May be a worthwhile read for a developmenteader who is starting to manage people but even then I would caution you are wasting your time and money Move on This book reads Star Crusades Nexus Books 4 6 like a series of short blog posts The author touches on important topics that are relevant to startup engineeringeaders but the content is so shallow That There Isn T there isn t real in depth advice here If you are Rosa de fuego looking for a step by step guide to navigating the path from developer to CTO if you reooking for advice on how to handle a specific situation or if you want to wake up tomorrow as a CTO this may not be the Joel is doing in the community His podcast and book are filling a much needed hole and I'm excited to see what else the future has in store Don Pawlowski Chief Technology Officer at University Tees Modern CTO Everything you need to know to be a Modern CTO Developers are not CTOs but developers can earn how to be CTOs In Modern CTO Joel Beasley provides readers with an in depth road map on how to successfully navigate the unexplored and jagged transition betwe. ,