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Rvants and Tilla s headstrong disobedience of Ruso s instructions in an effort to held threaten to drive him madBut as usual all of the various dead end threads eventually get woven into a or ess satisfying solution The plot is well developed and complex enough that the reader is just as confused solution The plot is well developed and complex enough that the reader is just as confused frustrated as the hero The characters are realistically complex and at times just as Ruso the reader sometimes trusts and at other times distrusts the same person All of this makes the puzzle very intriguing and keeps the reader turning the page to see what happens nextAt the end also as a result of Tilla s oyalty to her Britannic fellows and Ruso s oyalty to Rome as her desire to stay in Britain and his growing desire to return to Gaul as his need to find a position as a Medicus increases with ittle opportunity in Londinium the couple finds themselves at a crucial point in their relationship Tilla wonders if they should part and Ruso find himself another wife After four adventures with them and having watched should part and Ruso find himself another wife After four adventures with them and having watched partnership grow and flourish it is a decision that is as difficult for the reader to ponder as it is for themWhere will the road What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained lead in the next book I m anxious to know I ve read just about every Roman mystery series SaylorJohn Maddox RobertsLindsey Davis etc and hands down the Medicus series is my favorite by FAR Not only do you get two PoV characters but each one has a compelling voice whi. Have moved to the town of Verulamium where a tax man named Julius Asper has gone missing along with aot of money As the investigation deepens and despite our hero's best efforts to get Gaius Petreius Ruso and Tilla newly married

to Britannia after a visit his family in Gaul They have their wedding gifts all packed but having Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic left the Romanegions to travel to Gaul Ruso finds himself in Londinium without a job His fellow Medicus Valens has been unable to find a Medicus position for Ruso but has found him a job as an investigator for the 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales local procurator Ruso is not terribly happy since he is NOT an investigator and feels wholly inadeuate to do the jobIt would seem that a very pregnantady has appeared at the procurator s office to report her Bloodleaf lover theocal tax collector missing Ruso is sent to a neighboring town to The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle locate the man who with his brother has disappeared while on the way to Londinium with the tax monies collected in VerulamiumOf course the chief concern of the politician s is theocation of the taxes but when the tax collector s murdered body without any evidence of the the money is found the plot as they say thickensSeems that even in ancient times crime and vice in that even in ancient times crime and vice in its forms as often as today infidelityillegitimacy jealousy thievery murder oh yes and counterfeiting all existed And then as today corruption at high and Mismatch lowevels was intertwined All of which along with various barbarian and Roman factions muddying the situation make Ruso s Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance life miserable As if those things were not enough various attempts on theives of various characters insolent se. In her fourth novel Ruth Downie brings to Test logiciel en pratique life the corruption and treachery of Roman occupied Britain as it closes in on her winsomeeading man Gaius Petreius Ruso and his new wife Tilla. Caveat EmptorCh makes it impossible NOT to keep those pages turning Newly divorced Ruso s dry humor kept me aughing all the way through Then there s Tilla whose no nonsense nature becomes increasingly pronounced throughout the seriesWith most Roman mystery series I have a huge problem with how A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) late the author introduces the mystery Sometimes the mystery doesn t play a role until midway into the book or gaspater These works are too wrapped up in the historical background to really call themselves honest mysteriesDownie on the other hand introduces each book with the crime itself By bracketing the story within that mystery you can always expect a focused investigation with clues and allI can NOT praise this series enough Ruth Downie takes her Medicus SERIES TO A NEW LEVEL OF to a new evel of and intrigue with Caveat Emptor This fourth book in the highly entertaining series set in Roman ruled Britain in the Second Century AD has protagonist Gaius Petreius Ruso and his now wife Tilla back in Londinium after a ong visit to his family home in southern Gaul Ruso no onger an army medic is ooking for work and reluctantly accepts an assignment from the Procurator of the province to investigate the disappearance of a tax collector and a substantial amount of tax revenue from the nearby town of Verulamium modern St Albans With Tilla and the missing tax collector s wife and child in tow Ruso moves his investigation to Verulamium Imself fired he and his bride find themselves trapped at the heart of an increasingly treacherous conspiracy involving theft forgery buried treasure and the egacy of Boudica the rebel uee. ,